Exploring the Amazing Palace of Versailles

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The City of Lights always welcomes tourists from all over the globe with its charming beauty. There are plenty of tourist attractions in Paris, starting from the Eiffel Tower to all the museums, and that means there is enough to explore in the city. One such top attraction in the French capital is the Palace of Versailles, which you can consider visiting during your Paris city tours.

The Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) is a castle built in the 18th Century in French architecture style. Until 1789, this castle was the administrative seat of power, but later became the “cradle of liberty”. At the time of the French Revolution, the art pieces in the palace were moved to the Louvre Museum for security. However, the artifacts returned home in the later years. In the year 1990, UNESCO declared the palace as a World Heritage site.

The garden of Château de Versailles has a geometric pattern of trees, bushes, and flowerbeds, and is the largest one of this kind in Europe, while the palace itself is huge with 2134 windows, 67 staircases, and 1252 fireplaces. Below are some of the main highlights of the Palace of Versailles, which you must not miss out on when on Paris city tours.

The Hall of Mirrors

This hall comprises of seventeen arched windows each having 21 individual mirrors, totaling to 357 mirrors reflecting rays of light beautiful over the entire place. Apart from this, there are statues and busts too.

Chapel of Versailles

The Chapel of Versailles is the most special one among all the chapels in the palace. It is built in Baroque and Gothic architectural style, and you can see impressive pillars, marble floors, and gargoyles here.

The Grand Apartment

The Grand Apartment is also referred as ‘the Apartment of the Planets’ because each of the seven salons here is decorated with a painting of a planet. Yet another notable thing to look out is the artistically beautiful ceiling.

Versailles Garden

The Versailles garden is the perfect place to relax when on Paris city tours. You can admire the beautiful landscape here with manicured lawns, fountains, marble statues, the orangery, and the trees and grooves.

Additional Points to Note

  • During April to October, the palace stays open from 09:00 am to 06:30 pm on all days except on Mondays.
  • From November to March, it stays open from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm every day except on Mondays.
  • The entry to the palace and the Trianon is free for visitors below 18, (and below 26 residing in Europe). For adults, the ticket prices start at 18 Euros.