A Foodie’s Guide to Paris’ Montorgueil Street

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The Rue Montorgueil neighborhood is one of the vibrant pedestrian areas in the City of Lights and it is located right in the heart of the city. Tourists who are on their first private tours Paris might not be aware of the fact that some of the best fish and meat markets in the city are located in this neighborhood.

In addition to that, Paris’ Rue Montorgueil neighborhood boasts renowned pastry shops, bars, boutique, and more. This neighborhood is a clear example that the resolutely modern Paris city has managed to preserve traditions such as family-owned cheese shops, fishmongers, and brasserie-bars.

This Parisian neighborhood was actually named after the hilly region, where the street was developed. The name Rue Montorgueil can be roughly translated to “Mount Pride” in English. If you take a stroll through the streets of Rue Montorgueil neighborhood, you will be able to see historic houses that are decorated with elaborate ironwork.

Moreover, many of the buildings on the streets of Paris’ Rue Montorgueil neighborhood features painted facades. You might be a little bit surprised to hear that the area surrounding Rue Mauconseil used to house several historic theater troupes and it includes the troupe of famous 16th Century playwright Jean Racine. Some of the finest shops in the Montorgueil Street of Paris that you should visit while you are going on Paris private tours are as follows.

Stohrer Pastry Shop

Stohrer, which is oldest pastry shop in the French capital, was established in the early 17th Century. Only a few tourists are aware of the fact that the Stohrer pastry shop was once the official supplier of the royal court. The petit puits d’amour and the rum baba are the famous pastries you can find in this shop.

La Fermette

La Fermette, which was established in the year 1895, is one of the best shops in the Montorgueil Street. The vintage and elegant decoration and the 250 different cheese varieties available in this shop make it an ideal destination for foodies who are visiting Paris.

Alain Tribolet

Alain Tribolet is the best shop in Paris that sells high-quality meat. You will not be able to find such delicious meat pieces anywhere else in the city. Most of the famous restaurants in the city usually buy meat from the Alain Tribolet shop in the Montorgueil Street.