Cool and Uncanny Places to Explore in Paris

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Paris is not all about beauty and romance. There are also many weird and offbeat things to see and do in the French capital. These bizarre and strange places in the city are perfect for those who need some spookiness in their Paris tours. So, during your next Paris city tours, expand your horizon and explore some cool and weird stuff here. Below are some strange places that you can explore and make your trip more exciting and memorable.

Julian Aurouze and Co.

Julian Aurouze and Co. is a pesticide selling shop. The weird thing about this shop is their way of advertising; their front window is crammed with dead rats and other critters that depict the power of their pesticides in killing such animals.

This shop is even featured in the famous Disney movie “Ratatouille”. This shop, which is open since 1872, is in the center of Paris. It is located in between Rue de Rivoli and the Forum des Halles. So, during your next Paris city tours, stop by this place to see and photograph this strange advertising strategy.

Le Cimetiere des Chiens

This is a cemetery for dogs and other pets, which is located in the northwest of Paris city. There is brief description of each pet on their tombs. This bizarre cemetery is open since 1899 and consists of tons of graves of horses, cats, sheep, monkey, hen, etc.

The first tomb inside the cemetery is of a dog named Barry. The writing on his tomb says, “He saved the lives of 40 people, he was killed by 41st”, which is pretty crazy. Actually, during World War I, Barry saved lives of 40 wounded people by carrying them on his back from the battlefields. The 41st one was a kid and as soon as he saved the kid, he died of exhaustion. There is also the statue of Barry carrying the kid on his back on the tomb.

Le Musee des Vampires

This is a small private museum dedicated to vampires, focused on understanding their importance in myths and modern culture. If you are an admirer of vampires and love to learn strange mythologies and such weird stuff, this is the place for you. Although it will be a bit difficult for people who do not speak French, you can still manage things and the effort will be worth it for vampire fans.

This museum is located on the outskirts of Paris and is open daily from 12:30 pm to 08:00 pm. However, you must make appointments in advance to explore this museum.