Finding Faith and Fun in the Mont Saint-Michel

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Mont Saint-Michel

Home to some stunning sights, the Mont Saint-Michel is an exotic tourist destination. Located toward the far side of the Normandy Bay, Parisians used to come to this territorial island during ancient times as pilgrims.

Off-the-cuff, but the Normandy Bay is known for the wartime invasion. In fact, nomadic tourists would go through the Bay to get to Mont Saint-Michel exploring visuals on the way. Situated 360 km from Paris, the island is one of the busiest French tourist destinations. A tourist goes there to get a view of the Abbey, see tides that ebb away at the Bay.

The Popular Mont Saint-Michel

Your private Paris tour guide will explain everything about the French history on the way to Mont Saint-Michel. The prison Abbey gave way to the Historic Monuments Department for Saint-Michel church in 1874. Tourists could taste the French juice, eat seafood on the way, and simply stroll around. There are spots to reside in the island, as you travel through the day. Thus far, the Normandy Bay is the reason why Mont Saint-Michel has gained popularity for the spectacular views it offers.

Places nearby the Normandy Bay

Tourists could wander around the island via Normandy Bay or stay put taking mid-day selfies. Getting a view of the Mont Saint-Michel from higher altitude is cool. The Normandy Bay is also home to other destinations such as Battlefields, Saint Malo, and the Deauville, and Paris private tours bring forth many more tourist destinations apart from these places.

Using Choppers from Higher Altitudes

The Mont Saint-Michel can be seen levels above the sea level from helicopters. The island is surrounded by the religious communities of monks, and you can learn about the history of nuns and wartime stories here by constantly chattering with the crew. Your private Paris tour guide would know about choppers in Abbey and they can assist you with the bookings.

Religious processions used to take place in medieval Paris amid the cobblestone streets in Mont Saint-Michel. Singing religious paeans now and taking selfies would complete your adventurous quest in Paris.