Three Iconic Art House Cinemas in Paris

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Iconic Art House Cinemas

Paris occupies a central position in the history of cinema. The Lumiere brothers carried out the first-ever public cinematograph exhibition at the Grand Café in Paris in 1895. Since then, Paris has become the distinctive center point of the birth and evolution of cinema in the world.

The City of Lights has witnessed the rise of numerous influential figures and movements in the world of cinema such as the French New Wave and Left Bank. Even after decades, Paris still sticks to cinematic tradition of propagating the medium through its numerous art house cinemas.

These art house cinemas have enjoyed immense popularity among the visitors, and they are included in the itineraries of many Paris private tours. Moreover, they offer visitors a chance to view independent films that are not shown in conventional theaters. Below are three of the iconic art house cinemas located in Paris.

Cinema du Pantheon

Renowned as Paris’ oldest surviving theater, Cinema du Pantheon was opened in the year 1907. This theater holds a significant position in the evolution of French cinema, and it was in Cinema du Pantheon, where the talents of influential French filmmakers were first recognized.

The art house cinema is known for its promotion of the French New Wave cinema movement. Film producer Pierre Braunberger acquired this place in 1929 and was the first to exhibit foreign films in their original language in Paris.

Located in 13 Rue Victor Cousin, Cinema du Pantheon is the best place to watch rare and treasured masterpieces of world cinema.

Le Champo

Le Champo art house theater was established in 1938, and was a favorite among students and prominent filmmakers of the New Wave movement. This cinema hall features an unusual yet innovative technology of mirror-based periscope cinema projection that separates the projection room from the exhibiting hall.

Located in 51 Rue des Ecoles, La Champo is also known for its midnight screenings, and is a must-visit place for all movie lovers on Paris private tours.

Grand Rex

One of the most lavish art house cinemas in Paris, the Grand Rex is known for its distinctive art deco design, neon lighting, and a large auditorium with a capacity of 2800 seats. Grand Rex houses one of the largest screening rooms in all of Europe and exhibits a mix of both art house and blockbuster films. It is located on the Boulevard Poissonniere in Paris.