About Us

Paris is a wonderful tourist destination that has something for everyone, but we know how hard it can be trying to fit every kind of activity inside your limited holiday. Most tourists stay no more than a couple weeks at most, but this isn’t ample time to witness and experience the best that the City of Lights has to offer, not unless they know a few things no one else does. And there, we can be of use.

We help tourists by offering up tidbits and insider views into things that aid in better enjoying their stay in Paris. We can confidently say that we are good at this, thanks to the heaps of appreciation we consistently receive from satisfied clients. Everyone has something they are looking for while away from home, and we know the best ways for them to find these things. Some are predisposed towards art, culture, and history, while the more anthropologically inclined tourist simply wants to bask in the ambiance generated by people of a different culture, without being subjected to queues and getting jostled by crowds. We can help any kind of person derive a tailored experience which they can speak of later with a sense of achievement, because that is what any tour should be about.

We can tell you which museums besides the Louvre to visit, when to show up to avoid the worst queues, and how to manage your time in terms of commute. Streamlining your day is essential to cramming in as many Instagram-worthy moments as you can without feeling rushed. There are plenty of quaint eateries to check out as well, and shops that sell lovely memorabilia; not to mention a profusion of beautiful neighborhoods to visit if you find yourself with time to kill. Paris only gives up its best if you know the right ways to ask for it, and we have spent decades learning and perfecting those ways, as well as imparting them to tourists looking for a good time.

Suffice to say if you get in touch with us, we make sure that your time in Paris is both memorable and fulfilling. Whether you are looking for relaxation, excitement, or quality time with friends or family, we know how to make sure you get that and more. Simply call us before you arrive, and tell us how long you’re going to be visiting for.