3 Ways to Get the Most Out of your British Museum Tour

British Museum Guided Tour

British Museum Attractions

As the most popular attractions in London, visiting the British Museum is quite a hassle especially if you are on a planned itinerary. However, the amount of visitors flocking the museum will make it nearly impossible to see the entire museum in a fixed time. Besides, if you take the conventional route to tour British Museum, you could find yourself amidst the crowd that would consume most of your time allocated to other sightseeing purposes. Still, you should not miss this iconic landmark in the Bloomsbury area of London.

Its sheer wealth of collections will truly reward your visit, especially if you have a taste of history and art. If you go for a British Museum guided tour, you can explore this museum in less time just by staying away from the crowd. This will help you to save time while also enabling you to explore many of the less popular artifacts displayed in the museum. Below are some ways to get the most out of your British Museum tour.

Avoid the Rush Hours

The British Museum is a busy place to visit and do not expect otherwise as the crowds get on increasing. To quickly visit and get the most of your British Museum guided tour, it is better at times when the crowds have subsided. The opening hour at 10:00 am is the best time to visit, as there will be lesser crowds and you can view all the artifacts first. Moreover, try visiting the British Museum on Fridays before the closing hour at 05:30 pm, as most of the crowds will have already dispersed.

Visit the Major Exhibits First

One of the first things to do once inside the British Museum is to visit the major artifacts displayed. They attract the most crowds and visiting them first is an excellent way to view them fully before they are swarmed with visitors. Some of the major attractions include the Rosetta Stone located in room 4, the Pantheon Sculpture in room 18, the Egyptian collection in rooms 62 and 63, and the Easter Island statue Hoa Hakananai in room 24.

Look out for the Lesser-Known Galleries

Besides its major attractions, the British Museum has an incredible collection of artifacts that are highly valuable yet so little known. You can visit the galleries in which these artifacts are placed as these places have fewer crowds thereby allowing you to get the maximum out of your British Museum guided tour. These include the Japanese Galleries known for its serenity, and the Prints and Drawing Galleries exhibiting a good collection of works from famed artists.