Thing to Keep in Mind While Visiting the British Museum

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Tourist Attractions In British Museum

With an enormous collection of more than 7 million valuable objects, the British Museum prides itself as the largest repository of history. Its rare collections of antiquities sourced from ancient Egypt and Greek as well as from other prominent civilizations from around the world are definitely of great value. In fact, so grand is this museum in terms of its size and collections that it is definitely worthy of a visit.

For first time visitors who tour British Museum, knowing a little bit about the museum such as its opening hours, charges, exhibits, and other facilities will be of great help. This can guide them in visiting the museum with the utmost planning and cover almost all of its major and less known exhibits within a specified time. Besides, it will help them cover the entire space and get the best experience while visiting the museum.

Location, Opening Hours, Tickets

The British Museum is located at the Great Russell Street in Bloomsbury, London. Visitors who are in London for sightseeing and other activities can easily reach the museum since it remains well connected to all the major tourist hubs in the city. Several tube stations are located near the museum such as the Tottenham Court Road and Russell Square. The museum is open every day from 10:00 am to 05:30 pm. On Fridays, the museum will remain open until 08:30 pm. Entry is free to the museum, however, fees are charged for any special exhibitions or events.

Entering the Museum

The British Museum has its main entrance towards the Great Russell Street, which is accessible by steps, elevators, and self-operated lifts on the other side. The other entrance is at Montague Place, which is at the level of the streets and has no steps. Lifts are provided at each entrance of the museum to enter into the Great Court of the museum.

Shops and Tours

Another notable feature of the British Museum is its four shops that sell a variety of items from books to antique pieces and luxury products. The Collection Shop located west side of the Great Court sells souvenirs, jewelry, gift items, replicas, etc. The Family Shop is located on the north side of the Great Court and sells mainly books, educational toys, games, DVDs, etc. The Bookshop is located in Room 6 and has a good collection of books specializing in early history, archeology and art. In the Culture Shop, which is located near to Room 3, visitors can shop several luxury items like jewelry, silk scarves, sculptures etc.

The British Museum hosts two tour programs, the Free eyeOpener Gallery tours, and multimedia guides. Free eyeOpener Gallery Tours are short and give the visitors an introduction into the various areas inside the museum and its collection. Visitors can use the multimedia guides for a fee and provides information about 200 objects displayed at its 61 galleries in 10 languages.

Apart from that, the British Museum also offers many free activities especially intended for families and children. Visitors can access the Families Desk located in the Great Court for getting Activity Trails. Another notable one is the Children’s multimedia guide that can guide children on some tours around the museum for a small fee. Digital workshops are also conducted every weekend, which can be joined by children aged seven and above.