5 Must-Have Pleasures in and around the Covent Garden in London

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The Covent Garden resides in the West End of London, being one of the popular visiting hubs which thrive on street-art, indigenous shopping, restaurants, and more. If you are on a London walking tour to the West End, paying a visit to the Covent Garden is a must for the below attractions.

Travel around like a True Brit

If you are in the city for the first time, get yourselves an Oyster card and roam around London transport bus to see some of the iconic attractions. Better yet, pay a visit to the London Transport Museum if you can and understand the history of the city transport’s past and present, and what lies ahead in the future.

Watch Fine Arts like a Londoner

You can get yourselves a ticket for guided tours and experience the venue firsthand or wait until the evening time for the box-office events at the Royal Opera House. The Royal Opera House features fine arts such as Royal Ballet, In-House Orchestra, and Royal Opera. This is the place in London, where creative youngsters convene to watch fine arts with royal attendees.

Grab Seats to Live Concerts at the West End

On the London walking tour, if you want to entertain yourselves watching concerts, tell the tour guide to get yourselves a ticket for the same. If you are lucky, you can get last minute tickets for a West End show from the ticket counter of the Official London Theatre in Leicester Square. One can book tickets in person at discounted rates to what they sell online for the same day or the next day.

Having French Cuisine from the Main Atrium

If you want to have French cuisine and wine, head to the ‘Clos Maggiore’ restaurant in the Covent Garden. When you book tickets for the same, make it a point to book a seat in and around the main atrium for the best view possible. Atrium dining and French cuisine go way back in London city’s most iconic garden and still exists to this day.

Have Cocktails from the ‘Cellar Door’

If you were in the mood, the mixologists here would make you the “Bloody Mary” ideal for an afternoon time. The cocktail is made using tomatoes juice, Tabasco, vodka, salt, and pepper in the mix. If you want to have made to order cocktails of your choice, this place in Covent Garden is worth a try.