Four Must-See Places in London City at Night

London Old City Tour

Must-See Places In London

London is often called the city that never sleeps for the light that remains well into the late hours. As the fun goes on with visible light even as the sun sets down, there are many places that you can visit anytime in London. However, as nocturnal London has places that evoke fun and creeps, the below-compiled places are worth the visit in London old city tour at night.

The South and East London

Taking a walk by the River Thames in South London will help you explore the sight and sounds of the city during the late hours of a given day. If you are into mysteries, taking a walk by the Victorian alleyways in east London would help you understand the legend of “Jack the Ripper” and the city of old times.

The Houses of Parliament

The Palace of Westminster will hold parliamentary sessions well into the night and there is a gallery inside the building free to enter for the common public. In fact, you can even look at the top of the Elizabeth tower and see if the Ayrton Light illuminates to tell if the parliament is in-house from up close. Remember, the Big Ben chimes have been on a pause of late.

The London Eye

A ticket apiece for both day and night can be bought if you want to ride the iconic Ferris wheel twice over the course of the same day. A daytime visit can be scheduled in between 10 to 4 and from then on, you will be in the nighttime slot. In fact, the London Eye stays operative even until late night during the autumn, winter, and spring seasons.

The Hampstead Observatory

The summer is that time the year in London when the sky may not be all that dark but the observatory stays open on odd calendar days. As the summer has closed, the Hampstead Observatory will be open to the public access on select days. Go there to observe the moon and other planets with the telescope, which will offer you well-lit views of the night sky.

Apart from that, London has many restaurants that stay open 24 hours a day, so you can grab a bite whenever you may feel the appetite for food during your London old city tour.