The Oyster Card and Open-Top Bus Tours in London

London Old City Tour

Open-Top Bus Tours

Breathe a sigh and get an Oyster card once you arrive in London. Inside an open-top London bus, things would move at a rapid pace.

The London old city tour is fairly exciting as well with lots options to chose, and you can access London transport provided you have time at hand and the London trip is extensive. You could take the Oyster card to access the London transport for a day, and return to see your favorite sites in the city with London old city tour guides.

Much like walking through the old country, getting inside an open-top bus in London offers tourists a chance to see some iconic sites, fleetingly. The Oyster card would stay valid only for a day and it would take you up to hubs such as London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and many others. On the flipside, you should remain content with audio guides feeding information to you about Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Thames River, and even the Westminster Palace – some highlights of the hop-on-hop-off tour.

A bilingual tourist or even Europeans would get guided in languages English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, and Mandarin once the bus starts. The guides tend to feed the United Kingdom capital with up to four UNESCO world heritage sites going with the Royal Botanic Garden and Maritime Greenwich.

It is said that the first Punch and Judy Puppet Show and its Ventriloquism got recorded in 1662 in Samuel Pepys’s diary entry in London. The event was held at Covent Garden back then, which is one of the places that you can visit on your London old city tour to get a day well spent with kids.

A calendar day in a metropolitan city seem precious little, so plan your London trip with a route map regarding where to go, which places to visit, and how much money to carry in the purse. The open-top bus tour in London is for thrifty people and many London old city tour agents conduct these fleeting tours for a special price with pickup as well as drop in specific points.