3 Relatively Unknown Facts about the Louvre Museum in Paris

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Unknown Louvre Museum Facts

Musée du Louvre in Paris is one of the most iconic art museums in the world. Those on Louvre museum private tours can tactically find their art skills improved after a coveted visit to the place, navigating the 60,000-square-meter space in a way some could only dream. Check out the below facts about Louvre museum that are relatively unknown to patrons, so that next time you visit the Louvre, it could lend some purpose to your overall tour.

Louvre once Closed due to Pick Pocketing

In the year 2013, on a Wednesday, some employees went on a one-off strike due to pick pocketing in a Louvre museum gallery. Employees said then that a teenage gang had robbed visitors and showed disrespect for the Louvre workers who tried to intervene into the matter. The Louvre museum reopened on the subsequent day and authorities in the museum filed a petition to the state prosecutor for security of the staff and visitors who fall victim to the perpetrators.

Louvre Museum have Native Copyists

Only a few museums permit this, but Louvre museum understands the inquisitive subculture of artists who love to imitate the famous masterpieces of masterful painters and provides them with stools and easels. In fact, copyists are welcome to enter the Louvre gallery each day from the morning and up to preset time slot, set up an easel, and study the masterpiece painting while creating their own version of the same.

My Visit to the Louvre App

More than millions of visitors and art enthusiasts peer into the Louvre museum private tours and Louvre authorities often present them with tablets as well as applications that help them save time. The app that helps the visitors navigate around was launched by Louvre from 2016 onwards and that offered to visitors to help save time. When tourists feel somewhat lost in a Louvre museum wing, they can take their smartphones and follow the instructions on the app to find the way out.

A guided tour with a Paris tour guide is always the best option to gain access to the museum and if you can get to the right bank of the River Seine on time, you are in a better stead to skip the line in front of the Louvre museum pyramids.