A Tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris

Louvre Museum Private Tours
Louvre Museum Private Tours

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The Louvre museum private tours are dream come true for many first timers to Paris, and even to art lovers and common Parisians. In fact, no matter how many times you have visited the Louvre, you still get pleasure walking through the staircases and seeing the massive art gallery in the Louvre. The Louvre museum, although dates back years, has proved its worth by being an iconic Parisian hub.

A tourist can access entry through the iconic glass pyramid at the front and use an escalator to skip the line. The elevator would take you directly to the museum hall. As you reach there, you could see plenty of people cued up to gain a ticket through automated ticket machines at the lobby. You can also find information on the Louvre guided tour and the audio guides there. Further, the interactive lobby is a good place to sit down and plan your visit to the artworks you want to see first.

There are four floors in each wing: basement, ground floor lobby, first floor, and second floor. In fact, the pyramid shape reminds the tourists of the three wings namely the Denon, Sully, and Richelieu. Situated on the ground floor are the Greek sculptures and Roman Antiques. In the ground floor of Denon wing, you can find the “Psyche and Cupid” by the Antonio Canova.

If you fancy decoration art, you would love visiting the Richelieu wing on the first floor. There you can feel the Napoleon III luxury and see the tapestries and furniture of that era. Even if you have acquired a good taste in arts and have studied the museum in and out, there is a chance that you would stay put and forget how to channel through the museum. Worry not, because the Louvre museum private tours guides would make you stay clear of the fourth-wall traps and land on the Mona Lisa painting again.

Just beneath the museum, cut off from all the excesses and the museum quietness is the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall. The mall is home to plenty of elegant shops and has a food court, which offers gourmet cuisines to everyone. This is the place where they shot the Da Vinci Code movie. This is why it is said that the Louvre museum private tours have more at stake than tourists usually expect initially.