Enjoy a Splendid Evening at the Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Private Tours

Louvre Museum Attractions

Paris city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that holds a prime position on the bucket list of almost every traveler. Since there are numerous breathtaking attractions in the city, the number of tourists flocking to the French capital is increasing every year. So, most of these attractions will be usually crowded and noisy that deprives you of a decent view.

One of such iconic places to visit in the French capital is the Louvre Museum. Below are some of the important things, which you must consider when you are on Louvre Museum private tours.

Explore the Louvre Museum at Night

Home to many important artworks and some world-famous masterpieces of the veteran artists, Louvre is one of the prime tourist attractions in Paris. Even though the doors of this astounding museum open by 09:00 am, it is better to come here after 03:00 pm to escape the tourist mayhem.

At the peak time or morning hours, the number of visitors rushing to see these artworks will be uncountable. As a result, you will have to stand in long, tiring queues to get even a sneak peak of your favorite artwork. So, it is better to come by the afternoon to dodge the queues; even better if you can come here by 06:00 pm. The sight of sunset with a spectacular backdrop of Louvre Museum is really out of this world.

On every Wednesday and Friday, the museum will be open until 10:00 pm, which allows you to explore the entire museum and view things in a different perspective in a blissfully intimate ambiance. You will also get a plenty of time to mull over various artworks in a relative peace. Note that the museum will be closed on every Tuesday, whereas the first Sunday of each month has the most visitors.

Itinerary for an Evening Tour

Start your Louvre Museum private tours by embarking on the history of the museum that includes the medieval remnants of the goliath structure as well as the glass pyramids. It is really an incredible sight to behold when these glass pyramids twinkle beautifully in the moonlight. After that, head on to the gallery that is entirely dedicated to Greek arts; two of the famous artworks here are Venus De Milo and the Winged Victory.

Continue the tour by exploring the Italian gallery where you can contemplate on various artworks of Veronese and Da Vinci, which will be heavily crowded during the daytime. During nighttime, you can enjoy all these top rated masterpieces exhibited in the museum at peace.

The entry fee to the museum is 15-17 Euros for adults and the ticket is valid for an entire day. This means you can visit the less crowded galleries during the daytime and come back at night to visit the most popular attractions in the Louvre Museum.