Exploring the Weird Stores in Paris

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Shakespeare & Company

Paris is the city of fashion and museums. However, it also has a fair share of weird places that will make you raise your eyebrows. Paris has one of the most elaborate collections of bizarre shops. Below is a description of some of the wackiest shops you can visit in the City of Lights after your private Louvre Museum tour.


Located along the western edge of St-Germain-des-Prés, Deyrolle can be termed as a box full of surprises. It has several objects and artifacts that will invoke the memories of a bygone era. There are several items here, which will arouse your curiosity. Many objects from natural history, such as rocks and minerals, insects, and animals, are on display in the shop.

It is indeed a weird place to be but if you are someone interested in stocking up strange objects, then this place is for you. You may even find slightly disturbing objects in the shop like stuffed birds, stuffed kangaroos, shark teeth, warthogs, coral, and elaborate butterfly and beetle collections.

Shakespeare & Company

This is a world-renowned bookstore located beside the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, and is every book lover’s dream. Built by French Literary icon, George Whitman, in 1951, the place has remained the same since its inception. The interiors are filled with old bookshelves and a few new ones. The place maintains an aura of the past and is usually filled by enthusiastic readers.

Walk up the stairs and more stuff awaits you. You will find a few young and budding writers, a few who swap work for a place to stay relaxed and create their own masterpieces. You will also find someone on the vintage piano and a few cats lying on the book stacks. The bookstore offers creative writing classes too.

Aurouze Deratisation

Out of all exterminator shops in the city, this must be the most peculiar one due to several reasons. It has several stuffed rats and mice kept on display inside in the weirdest of positions near the windowsill. These might be posing in the strangest of poses such as dancing or eating a piece of cheese. They may look so real that you will almost feel like they will jump on to you. In fact, the store is one of the favorite weird destinations of the French capital.

L’Objet Qui Parle

This vintage shop located in Montmartre is a great spot for those who have a special affection towards vintage objects. The place is packed with objects that are made for the classic vintage collections. However, be ready to get dirty because the shop has a sizeable compilation of objects filling its innards. This includes chandeliers, colorful flags, antique bottles, kitsch Jesus, and Virgin Mary figurines. Another thing you need to remember is that all the objects here are authentically French. The shopkeeper would also be happy to assist you in finding the right objects.

Hygiene Premium

Located in the 19th arrondissement along the northern heights in Paris, Hygiene Premium is yet another of the strange shops. This place is not very commonly known and you can locate it near the modern Parc de la Villette. This place does not have as many charming things as other attractions do, but it is still a secluded corner in the city, that remains as a testimony to the resistance to gentrification in Paris.

Comptoir General

This is one of the rare multifunctional communal spaces, with several of the delightful things – a bar, community center, concert space, cabinet of curiosities, and thrift store – under the same umbrella. The problem is that you may not notice it as you walk past the shop near the courtyard beside Canal St. Martin. However, get ready to be taken by surprise by tall trees and plants, retro kitchen tables, old leather couches in the shop, where you can enjoy a coffee or a mint tea.

Besides this, Comptoir is divided into different rooms. One of them is decorated to resemble a school establishment with furnishings from the past. In another cabinet, you will find stuff like magnifying glasses, animal skulls, and gemstones. After a tour, you can refresh yourself in the other room with some Indian food.

Nature Et Passion

This is a bug collector’s paradise. Filled with bright green beetles and fluorescent blue-winged butterflies, this shop has a great collection of creepy-crawly insects. The owner, who is a self-trained entomologist, will be busy identifying new beetles and arranging them on to the boards for display. You can either purchase them online or when at the store. The place is situated a bit high up the Gambetta neighborhood, but it is totally worth the effort if you are a passionate follower of insects and beetles.