Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers in Paris

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Exploring the enchanting Paris city will be one of the dream come true moments for all the travel enthusiasts. Since Paris is one of the safest cities in the world, most people prefer to plan a solo trip to the French capital. Even though the crime rate in the city is trivial, you cannot rule out the chances for petty thefts and pick pocketing issues when in Paris. So, if you are planning a solo trip to the City of Lights, below are some useful tips that you may consider in order to stay away from hassles and dangers.

Always be Alert

Pick pocketing is one of the common issues in Paris city. The thieves here usually target tourist people since they are not familiar with the place and can be easily fooled. Hence, it is recommended to keep your valuable belongings such as wallet, cell phones, passports, etc., with you as soon as you land in the city. You must be extra careful if you are at a crowded place such as metro station, market, popular tourist spots, etc. Use money belts in order to secure your wallet. Furthermore, it is better to do digital transactions for your purchase so that you do not have to carry much cash with you.

Do Not Get Inebriated

It is true that you cannot wrap up your Paris private tours without enjoying the taste of French wine. However, it is not a clever choice for solo travelers to get drunk even if you get authentic French wine for cheap rates in Paris. As a result, you can hardly pay attention to your cell phones and wallet. Note that there could be many anti-socials around you looking for such an opportunity.

Research about the Place you Stay

Before booking a hotel for your stay, make sure to do good research about their safety standards. Check whether your room includes a safe in order to keep your valuables. Usually, every decent hotel in Paris offers locker option these days. However, inquire about its size, particularly if you are traveling with your laptop; make sure it fits in the safe. Furthermore, inquire whether the hotel has any history of thefts or any other crimes. You may refer to the online customer reviews for the information.

Travel Tips

When you travel, avoid walking alone through the dark streets at night. If you opt to use the metro service, collect ticket only from an authorized vendor or machine. In addition, do not smile or make eye contact with the male passengers on the metro since they might mistake it as an invitation. You can play it safe by looking out of the window and enjoying the scenic view, or you may just read a book.