The Best Bars to Visit in Bastille

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The Bastille roundabout is one of the most appealing spots to visit when you want to relax after, say, one of those Louvre Museum private tours that almost every traveler takes. In other words, Bastille offers plenty of quality refreshment while you are away from home, in the form of superb bars and eclectic nightlife. Following are some of the best bars in the area.


There is not much you can do with 2 Euros in the city, but at Charlie, it is a different story. Here, they serve half-pints for 2 Euros, and that runs all night long. The joint carries a jovial ambience at all times, there is good music on the whole time, and good conversation is not hard to find.

Le Red House

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the humongous bull’s skull over the bar, which brings to mind old-west Texas saloons. The patrons here are diverse enough to put anyone at ease, and ready to put up with a lot of noise. You can enjoy DJ performances almost every day of the week, covering everything from elector to rock. The place never seems to empty and is big enough that there are separate bars in each room.

The Bottle Shop

Brits love this place, not least because it serves five different draught beers, and dozen bottled ones. The space is small and intimate, where you can sit with a friend or significant other and sip Kilkenny or Edelweiss, bottled Red Stripe or Pilsner, or a variety of other beers. The cost is admittedly high, but you could go for the diverse classic cocktails on offer instead; the So British Bloody Mary is out of this world. Happy hour is from 05:00 to 08:00 pm.

Twenty One Sound Bar

This is one of those bars, which hip-hop lovers should absolutely visit while in Paris. They also play French rap and dance hall tunes here. You get DJ performances on Friday through Sunday nights, with brand new as well as old school tracks played on the quality sound system.

L’Entre Potes

The name is a cross between what translate to ‘warehouse’ and ‘between friends’ in French, and true to that promise, this place is a surprise to every unwarned newcomer. The building is smattered with tools speaking of its history as an upholstery factory, but more to the point, the drinks here are diverse and affordable.