The Best Classic French Songs about Paris

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Thinking about Paris tours could bring out a number of ideas in your mind ranging from sweet Eiffel Tower tours to Louvre Museum private tours. Paris is, in fact, a city that could bring forth a wide range of emotions in your mind. This is one of the reasons, why the city has become the primary subject of many iconic songs. You could find an immense assortment of songs about this city including realistic, classic, and imagery songs. Below are some interesting French songs about the beautiful city.

La bohème

This magnificent song was written by French writer, Jacques Plante, along with the Armenian-French singer, Charles Aznavour. This is among the most popular songs that were ever written in French. One of the catchy lines of this song translates to, “I’m talking about a time that those under twenty years cannot know.”

Throughout the song, Aznavour is trying to tell the life story of a nostalgic painter who was leading an unconventional lifestyle at the beginning of the twentieth century in Paris. The song describes how the artist lived a carefree and simple life in Montmartre, fully unaware of the time that was passing by.

J’ai deux amours

This is a 1930 song by Joséphine Baker. In this song, we could see her singing “I have two loves, my country, and Paris.” In these lines, she makes her love for France and its capital city very clear. This is definitely one of the top hit songs, which would never fade out from the Parisian hearts. This song was covered by American singer, Madeleine Peyroux, after a long period of seventy-four years.

Le poinçonneur des Lilas

This is a wonderful song composed, written, and performed by Serge Gainsbourg in the year 1958. The song was released in the album “Du chant à la une”. Gainsbourg through the entire song relates to the life of a metro ticket-puncher. We would be able to see that the ticket puncher is bored by his tedious job as the song moves on.

You would really get a good idea of that period through the song, which would really make you browse through the maps of Paris. This song also has a relation with Gainsbourg’s life because he was actually a painter who dropped his brush to get into the field of singing. In this song, he is actually attempting to say about how his life transformed.