The Best Food Markets in Paris

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While you are on museum tour Louvre museum or any other Paris private tours, it is always good to stop by the food markets in the city. Most of the Parisians prefer buying food items from the food marks rather than from the supermarkets, as these food markets are open for several days in a week and could be found in each locality. In addition to this, the food items you would be able to get from the market would be more fresh and flavorsome than what you could purchase from the supermarkets. You could also get food items from here at a much lower price range.

The Best Markets

There are several food markets in Paris that could be found in almost all neighborhoods of the city. Some of the most popular food markets include the Aligre market located in 12th arrondissement, Bastille market in the 11th arrondissement, and Place Monge Market and Place Monge Market in the 5th arrondissement. You could also find an organic food market, Marché Raspail, in the 6th arrondissement. At the same time, you would also be able to find a covered food market, St-Quentin, beside Gare de L’Est in the 10th arrondissement. This market is also Paris’s largest covered market.

These places must be included in the bucket list of places to visit in Paris for all who are in love with food. All the traditional farmer’s markets in the city provide good quality as well as a wide range of food items. Moreover, the food items supplied here comes directly from the nearby farms, which would guarantee its freshness.

Food Markets by Neighborhood

You could find food markets in all of the Paris neighborhoods. Below are a few of the touristy arrondissements and the markets there. Note that the list includes only temporary markets in the city.

  • 1st Arrondissement: You would be able to find food markets in the region of Louvre Museum, Tuileries, or Chatelet.
  • 2nd Arrondissement: The markets in this are found near Bourse or Rue Montorgueil.
  • 3rd Arrondissement: The food market in this region is near the Temple or Arts et Metiers.
  • 4th Arrondissement: The markets in this region are spread around Marais, Metro St. Paul, Hotel de Ville, or Notre Dame Cathedral.
  • 5th Arrondissement: The markets here are found near St-Michelor or Pantheon or Rue Mouffetard.
  • 6th Arrondissement: The food markets in this region are found around St-Germain-des-Pres.
  • 7th Arrondissement: The markets here are found beside the Eiffel Tower or Musée d’Orsay.