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Are you planning a trip to Paris shortly? If yes, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the range of attractions here. In most cases, people find it challenging to craft a perfect itinerary because of this. Note that including the Luxembourg Gardens visit in your Paris tours itinerary will be a great option for sure. After all, this is one of the most important highlights in the city that tends to attract almost every visitor. Some philosophers tend to call Luxembourg Gardens that is located on the Left Bank of Paris as the city’s lungs.

Do you know that this picturesque garden was constructed in the 17th century as a part of the popular Luxembourg Palace? The latter is presently the home of the senate and the garden is open to the public. Most travelers claim that exploring Luxembourg Gardens is a must option to enjoy the real beauty and charisma of the capital city of France. If you are wondering about the things that you can do in this enchanting oasis, some of the perfect options are given below.

Exploring the Luxembourg Gardens

The best thing that you can do when in the Luxembourg Gardens is to simply take a stroll and admire its bewitching beauty. This French-style garden is located right at the center of the Luxembourg Park and in front of the Luxembourg Palace. Furthermore, the flawless beauty of the multi-colored blooms, tranquil pond, and grass lawn in this garden will surely give you a momentary paralysis. Plus, the fact that the garden is designed using a geometric pattern adds to its breathtaking appeal.

Furthermore, the beautiful Luxembourg Palace on the backdrop just completes the picture in the best way that anyone can hardly visualize. The rest of the park is designed in an English style with more than a hundred sculptures, fountains, pavilions, etc. You can also see some beehives in the spectacular park. Apart from this, there are some greenhouses and an orangery in this garden that is constructed as a part of plant conservation.

However, these conservatives are not open to the public. Still, you can see it and even educate your children about its significance. On a related note, you can enter this area on the Heritage Day that comes only once in a year. Usually, this event is conducted during the month of September. Luxembourg Gardens is also a perfect option if you are on a family vacation. It is to be noted that the authorities tend to conduct numerous children-oriented activities here. Some of the popular options include sliding carousels, puppet shows, pony rides, etc.