Tips for Smoothly Planning a Visit to the Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Private Tours
Louvre Museum Private Tours

Louvre Museum Highlights

The Louvre museum is one of the most sought over places by visitors from around the world. It is by far the most famous and highly visited museum in the world. This high turnout of visitors into the museum makes it one of the busiest attractions in Paris. Visiting the Louvre however requires some planning and knowhow of the place. The following are some tips to ensure a smooth and planned visit into the museum.

Entering Louvre

The Pyramid entrance is the main way to access the insides of the museum. However, due to the huge amount of visitors, getting inside the Louvre through this entrance requires standing in long queues for nearly an hour.

There are other ways to get inside the museum like the entrance at the Porte des Lions east of the Pont Royal. Using this entrance avoids the queues thus saving time. Purchasing the tickets in advance at FNAC or through other departmental stores is yet another way to avoid queues and get inside quickly.

Ticket Rates

The normal ticket rate for entering into the Louvre is 9 Euros. There are special reductions in the entry fees on specific days like Wednesday and Friday, and it is reduced to 6 Euros. The entrance is free on Bastille Day, 14 July, and the first Sunday of every month.

Relying on an Expert Guide

With over 35,000 works of art and 380,000 museum objects to see, it is essential to rely on the guidance of expert tour services. These tours are available in many languages with specializations for first time visitors and art lovers. The timings of such tour programs may vary for each day.

Checking in Advance

When visiting Louvre it is good to refer to their website beforehand. The museum occasionally shifts the various art pieces like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo to different locations. The site provides information regarding such updates in the interior, which will be of much use to you in saving time by avoiding wandering in search of them.


The sheer abundance of the gallery spaces of the museum will so much time to completely view. Refreshments are absolutely needed to sit and relax before continuing the tour inside. The Louvre contains many such places to eat and drink, which ranges from the highly expensive to affordable ones.