3 Hidden Streets in the French Capital

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Going for an Eiffel Tower tour, Louvre museum private tours, Seine River cruise, etc., have become clichéd and predictable attractions in the Paris city. If you want to have some unique experiences here that you can treasure for a lifetime, the best option is to explore Paris in an unconventional way. That is, go to the offbeat places here or do unusual things, like a tour to the famous cemeteries in the French capital.

In case you want to enjoy the real natural beauty of Paris city, the best way is to explore the hidden streets here. Along with the mesmerizing beauty, these streets will give an idea about the ancient Parisian culture and their lifestyle. In addition, most of these streets offer a stunning backdrop to a striking photo, be it a solo one, a couple photo, or a group photo. So, make the best out of your Paris tours by exploring some of these secret passages in the City of Lights.

Square de Montsouris

This street was built in 1922 and the name of the street refers to the Montsouris Park that is located nearby. Square de Montsouris is a private street that is lined with stunning individual houses that anyone would yearn for. The most spectacular home in this street is located at an end and it is owned by a painter, Ozenfant. The main attraction of this house is its half-timbering design. It was designed by the French architect Gilbert Buisson and this house is now one of the main eye-catchers in the street.

Rue de Thermopyles

This is an enchanting street located at the heart of the city, but secluded from its hustle and bustle. Ruse de Thermopyles is actually a cat-friendly street that spans around 280meters. Explore this non-touristy place in order to add to your best moments in Paris. It is no wonder if you find Rue De Thermopyles familiar because the street resembles the images of Paris city that you usually see in postcards. Note that this place is not a tourist spot, and hence, make sure that you do not disturb the residents here.

La Campagne a Paris

Located at the east side of the French capital that comprises of Belleville and surroundings, La Campagne a Paris is a group of tiny streets. This building block is located on a hill and the main attraction here is the small houses lining the street that are made of red bricks. In order to add to the beauty, there are many rose bushes on the facade of every house. Actually, this La Campagne a Paris is built on an old quarry and it was intended for a low-income housing. However, this calm and pastoral neighborhood is one of the most beautiful streets in the city now.