3 Mistakes to Avoid While Exploring Paris for the First Time

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Paris is one of the most stunning cities in the world that offers a plethora of attractions. Hence, it can be quite overwhelming for the travelers to decide what to do and what not to do in the city, especially when they are on Paris tours for the first time. In most cases, people end up doing many mistakes that consume most of their time, money, and energy. So to help you out, below are some of the common mistakes that you must avoid while exploring the French capital city.

Paying for Water

Most people will be under the confusion whether the tap water in Paris is drinkable. Do not worry, the time of plague is long gone and the tap water here is absolutely safe to drink. In fact, it is not wise to buy pricey bottled water in Paris.

Note that there are also chances for the waiters here to prey on you if they know that you are a first-timer in the city. However, you may buy water in case you prefer only mineral or sparkling varieties.

Booking a Number of Passes

As there are plenty of attractions in Paris, there will be too many passes as well in order to access them. In fact, these passes will be really useful in order to skip the long and tiring queues, and to utilize your time to the fullest. For instance, consider a Paris Museum Pass or a Metro Pass. However, these passes may force you to use it instantly and that may limit your enjoyment at times.

Consider a situation that it is a pleasant day and you prefer to walk and enjoy the scenery, but the Metro Pass you have might not allow that. Similarly, consider another situation where you want to linger more in the amazing gardens of museums, but your Museum Pass expired.

Going to Hotels for Breakfast

The hotels in the Paris city are quite expensive and it is not a good option to rely on them for your breakfast. On the other hand, you can head on to a café and savor a refreshing coffee and croissant for approximately €5. Else, try to choose an itinerary that includes your breakfast as well. In fact, most Paris tour itineraries offer breakfast to their customers for free.

The same case is applicable for your lunch and dinner as well. There are many street vendors and markets in the city, which offers authentic French food at cheap rates. However, in case you want to enjoy the best wine tasting experience from a majestic place, the luxurious hotels in Paris will be a great option.