3 Must-Visit Non-Touristy Neighborhoods in Paris

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Tourists who have never been on Paris private tours usually plans to the Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacré-Cœur Basilica, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower during their initial visit to the City of Lights. It is true that the above-mentioned spots are some of the famous and iconic attractions in the city and the history, culture, and architecture of these amazing Parisian spots will surely amaze you. However, the issue is that most of these places will be crowded throughout the year.

So, tourists who wish to stay away from the crowded spots in the French capital and make the most of their Paris tour should try to visit some of the non-touristy neighborhoods in the city. This will allow you to explore some of the hidden and secret spots in the City of Lights, and learn more about the culture and traditions of Parisians. Some of the best non-touristy neighborhoods in Paris are the following.

The Montorgueil Neighborhood

The Montorgueil neighborhood is one of the most attractive non-touristy neighborhoods in Paris. Food lovers and the ones who wish to try delicious French dishes should head straight to one of the restaurants in this neighborhood. Several travel enthusiasts claim that tourists will be able to learn a lot about the culture of French people through their food. In addition to that, make sure to check out rue Montorgueil if you are craving for wine or cheese while you are in this neighborhood.

The Canal Saint-Martin Neighborhood

The Canal Saint-Martin neighborhood is one of the pleasant and less-popular neighborhoods in Paris. This non-touristy neighborhood is situated in the tenth district and you can find plenty of natives here relaxing, walking, and enjoying under the sun during summer and spring months. Tourists will also be able to find plenty of excellent cafes and bars in this neighborhood.

The Montmartre Neighborhood

Tourists who are going on Paris private tours with the love of their lives should definitely visit this Parisian neighborhood before ending their tour. This is because Montmartre is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in the French capital. You will be able to see illustrations and portraits in the elegant streets of the city, which are painted by gifted street artists. The windmills, narrow alleys, and churches in Montmartre make it worth the visit.