5 Things Not to Do on your Paris City Tour

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It is fun and interesting to travel to any tourist place. However, things can be quite in a hurry burry if you have limited time for touring. Hence, time management is an important element to consider when traveling to somewhere, so that you can get the best of your tour in a very little time.

If you are on your first-ever Paris private tours, given below are some things not to do during your trip. These tips can save up your time as well as manage your budget.

Spending Too Much Time in Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is undeniably beautiful and its charm attracts travelers from all over the world to see it more and more. However, it would be wise if you do not spend a great deal of your time here. Instead, you should save up some time and consider visiting its beautiful neighborhoods, interact with local Parisians, and explore the neighboring places.

Shopping at Souvenir Shops

There are numerous souvenir shops in Paris that aim at tourists. Still, you do not need to specifically shop at souvenir shops to get a good piece of Parisian memorabilia. In fact, items from souvenir shops are often overpriced and it would be better to get a good souvenir from flea markets, or any other local markets that provide good quality souvenirs at a comparatively reasonable price.

Long Queue in Restaurants

Paris is a paradise for food lovers and people often tend to eat out at places nearby the tourist spots where restaurants and street food stalls are often crowded. At such a circumstance, you might not only waste time in standing in long queues, but also spend a lot more on food than you would have at a restaurant not much closer to the popular tourist attractions.

Not Knowing the Local Language

It is a known fact that regardless of the country, people really appreciate travelers who can speak the native language of the country they visit, and this is no exception to the Parisians. The locals would treat you a lot better if you know French, not completely but at least a little bit of basic polite words like bonjour, merci, etc.

Eating Out at Known Food Chains

Let us not discard the fact that your favorite food chain can be seen in every main city across the world. You might think that eating out at these chains will be a different cultural experience as you may get to taste a local delicacy while still being in your comfort zone. However, it would be better to eat at local street food vendors or other restaurants to know the real Parisian food.