A Look at the Louvre Museum’s Leonardo Da Vinci Show

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Will the Musée du Louvre set a new visitor count record in 2019 breaking its last year’s record? This is what art lovers are looking forward to know, as the Louvre Museum hosts a blockbuster show devoted to Leonardo da Vinci. There has been much hype for the exhibition, as seen from the fact that millions have bought tickets for it.

As long as Mona Lisa painting remains at the Musée du Louvre, one gets the feeling that Leonardo will be the most coveted artist here. In 2019, to mark the quincentennial of Leonardo’s demise at Amboise, this Paris institution has loaned works of art from the world over for the exhibition.

Curators of the Leonardo show, Louis Frank and Vincent Delieuvin spent years orchestrating the display of around 160 paintings, manuscripts, sculptures and sketches. Visitors who have longed for an up-close look at La Gioconda, will appreciate this museum’s new VR experience titled “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass”. This experience is a vital part of its Leonardo exposition, which will run through February 24, 2020.

Pieces from various parts of the world have joined the museum’s core artworks, including Portrait of an Unknown Woman, Madonna of the Rocks, Saint John the Baptist, and Saint Anne. One of the loaned works is the drawing, “Vitruvian Man”. The drawing came to the Louvre Museum following an Italian court’s judgment which said that it should be given to Paris for two months. Note that this drawing, which studies human body proportions, will not be at the museum for the full show. The court found it to be too fragile to be displayed longer.

A copy of the world’s most-expensive painting “Salvator Mundi” is also loaned to the museum. The authenticity of this painting of Jesus Christ has been widely talked about, but someone bought it for a whopping price of $450 million.

Using infrared imaging technology for Mona Lisa and other works that could not arrive here, the exhibition gives a glimpse of the work layers in Leonardo’s paintings.

Leonardo spent some years in the Loire Valley region after Francis I of France invited him to be there. It is how this museum got numerous paintings ascribed to Leonardo. Art fans should visit Loire Valley, which is thought to be where the Renaissance movement started.