Amazing Spots to See Cherry Blossoms in Paris

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Visiting Paris will be one of the biggest dreams of almost every traveler out there. After all, the city is regarded as the capital of France for many factors. Every single element in the French capital is compelling; let it be the aesthetic architecture, scenic beauty, fashion culture, outstanding food culture, and whatnot. When it comes to the best time to visit the city, most people might say ‘between mid-March to late April’. This is when the cherry flowers bloom.

When compared to South Korea, Washington DC, and Japan, Paris is unlikely to be an option that pops into your mind when it comes to cherry blossoms. Still, the city tends to put on a marvelous show during this time. Since the Parisian cherry bloom is not as popular as that of some other destinations, some tourists will not be aware to the best spots in the French capital to behold this spectacular pinkish and white display. In order to help you out with this, below is a list of attractive spots where you can head to enjoy this incredible sight.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is one of the most popular attractions in Paris and is explored by a huge number of visitors every day irrespective of the season. What if you get to enjoy the mesmerizing view of cherry blossoms as well at the same location? Needless to mention, it will be like icing on the cake. However, the cherry trees are distributed amongst the colorful shrubbery at Champ de Mars rather than planting it as an orchard. Still, a talented photographer will be able to click some outstanding images of the blossoms.

Just imagine setting a frame that features the coveted Eiffel Tower that emerges from fluffy white and pink clouds of cherry flowers. As a photography tip, you are likely to find the best photogenic spots to nail the task at Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur and the corner of the Avenue Gustave Eiffel. Fortunately, the cherry trees tend to bloom at different times increasing the lifespan of the sight.

Notre Dame de Paris

While it requires some creative sense to frame cherry trees at Champ de Mars, any person can simply click some random images that display incredible images of cherry trees at Notre Dame de Paris. Note that the front side of the southern façade of Notre Dame is the Parisian spot where you can find the best grouping of picturesque cherry trees. However, this is one of the busiest places in Paris and hence, you can expect tourist mayhem here. Without any doubts, it will be challenging for you to get some appealing images of the blossoms amidst the crowd and never expect it to be a peaceful affair as well.

In case you are not able to spot a seat beneath the fluffy pink natural canopy made by cherry flowers in the Square Jean XXIII, head on to the Quai de Montebello, which is located across the Pont de l’Archeveche. Note that this spot is relatively less crowded and offers a stunning view of the blossoms. The main highlight, however, at this location is the popular rose windows that can be seen above the trees.

Shakespeare and co. Bookstore

Shakespeare and Co. is one of the most popular English bookstores in Paris. You will be amazed to know that this shop has its own cherry tree that blooms a splendid pink outside its door during the mid-April. This recently opened bookstore overlooks the scenic Square Reni Viviani. Note that you can find four more magnificent cherry trees at the corner of the street. Additionally, these trees are grouped under the few cherry trees in Paris that tend to bloom early; towards the end of the March.

Apart from this, the street contains ancient yew as well. Do you know that most Parisians reckon these trees as the ugliest ones? However, clicking an overall image of the street incorporating the mesmerizing cherry trees, ancient yews, and many other tree varieties will be perfect to post on your social media wall. Note that you can spot the ancient yews in the Merovingian cemetery as well where the early rulers of the nation were buried.

Petit Palais

Another destination where you can spot magical cherry trees is the central courtyard or peristyle of the Petit Palais. It is worth noting that this is one of the undiscovered Parisian treasures and hence, the tourist crowd will be relatively less here. So, you can explore and click as many photos as you want at your own pace at this outstanding mansion. The Grand Palais, which is located across the road tends to attract bigger crowds by displaying enlightening and entertaining exhibitions. On a related note, the smallest gallery at this palace is designed amazingly.

Furthermore, the palace is beautified by a strikingly manicured garden that is surrounded by a mosaiced terrace and Beaux-Arts architecture. The garden is filled with captivating fountains, palm trees, colorful and fragrant flowers, and a minority of early flowering cherry trees. Furthermore, there is a café as well on the premises. What will be more relaxing than sitting back sipping your favorite cup of coffee while enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms and the grand architecture?