Avoiding the Queues at the Louvre

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Musée de Louvre is the world’s most visited museum. If you were hoping to get some quiet time admiring the exhibits here, the perpetually present lines and crowds would tell you that was a pipe dream. The place is notorious for its long queues; however, that should not stop you from minimizing your wait time with a few well-played tricks. No, do not break in. Just read on.

Porte des Lions

Get a map of the Louvre, and you would see that there are three ways to go in. The main one, or the Pyramid Entrance, is the most obvious, as well as guaranteed to be the most crowded at any time the museum is open. On the other hand, the Porte des Lions entrance sees relatively rare use by tourists, so try that. It may sometimes be closed for technical reasons though, in which case you can move on to the next option, the Carrousel de Louvre. Make sure to know the working hours at these entrances.

A Guided Tour or Prioritized Entry

The option of a private Louvre Museum tour is an attractive one – it gets you past the lines for a little extra. This also lets you enjoy viewing the Mona Lisa without being disturbed. You can get your own guide from among the many offering such services in the city, and enjoy the tour singly or as a couple or group.

Paris Museum Pass

This pass lets you have fast access to over 60 museums in the city, including the Louvre. The complete list of institutions it covers is given online, so look that up and see if your favorite museums are on it.

Get your Tickets Online

This is an option, but not necessarily the best one. Besides, it is a bit complicated to do. It involves visiting one of the city’s stores, or having it sent to you by post. Neither is a comfortable way of doing things. There is the possibility to getting tickets from FNAC, which is a massive retail store selling books, CDs, magazines, etc., in the heart of the city. Head there early and get the tickets well before the day of the tour so you will not have to wait in line.

It is good if you are not staying half a city away from museum. Getting there is also something you need to take into consideration.