Exploring the Vividness of the Rue Cremieux Street in Paris

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The streets of Paris are indeed a specialty with their cobblestone paved ways and rows of cafes, shops, and restaurants that align them. While on a visit to Paris, getting to these streets is one way to experience a dose of the Parisian way of life. Near to the Bastille is one such remarkable street, the Rue Cremieux known for its dazzling colorful houses, which line the pavement. Many regard this as one of the most charming streets in the whole of Paris, considering the sheer beauty of the place.

The Street

Lying on the 12th arrondissement, visiting the Rue Cremieux during Paris private tours has become commonplace for many tourists. In fact, the place is a photographer’s paradise as its vividly colored houses and pavements have become the perfect backdrops to capture with or without human subjects.

Essentially, the Rue Cremieux Street in a way symbolizes Paris and its way of life. A visit to this iconic Parisian street gives some rare experiences that one cannot find anywhere in Paris while its proximity to the historical Bastille is an added bonus.

History of Rue Cremieux

The area that now contains the Rue Cremieux Street had a rich history particularly during the times after France experienced resurgence both politically and socially. Arenes Nationales or the Imperial Arena of Paris occupied this area around the 1880’s, where numerous outdoor events such as fairs, shows, carnivals, and spectacles were held to astonish the public.

The place was then sold eventually and was changed to a street known as the Avenue Millaud. In the year 1897, the street was changed to its present name of Rue Cremieux. Decades later, several developments took place that transformed the street, such as the building of pavements in 1993, which made it look as it now appears.

Visiting the Rue Cremieux

Visitors can easily get to the spectacular street of Rue Cremieux using public transport such as the metro line 5 or line 1. The place is usually crowded with tourists because of its popularity as a photogenic locale. It is thus advised to visit the Rue Cremieux in the morning because the evenings can get crowded that hampers with the experience of visiting this remarkable street.

The pedestrian way located amidst the Rue de Lyon and Rue de Bercy is lined with houses and their occupants. As it is a residential area, it is important to observe the necessary mannerisms while visiting the place so that you do not disturb the occupants of the houses. Taking photographs is allowed but some houses do have signs that prohibit photography, which has to be respected.