Must Visit Churches and Cathedrals in Paris

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Private Tours Paris

Cathedrals in Paris

Paris is an elegant mix of modernity along with the classical niches, as seen in its distinctive beauty. This is why Paris remains one of the popular tourist destinations in the world.

Apart from the spectacular sights that it offers like the Louvre museum and the Eiffel Tower, the city of Paris is also renowned for its historic churches and cathedrals. It houses around hundreds of churches that stand as a testimony to the bygone times. The churches in Paris are masterpieces, with each of them varied in its architecture, ranging from gothic to the baroque styles.

Some of the popular ones like the Notre Dame are the top sights in Paris and a favorite among the visitors. The others are less known, but still are architectural spectacles to watch and a great place to learn a bit of history too.

Open free to the public, a visit to Paris is incomplete without seeing its iconic churches and cathedrals. So if you were in Paris, here are the details on some of the must-visit churches there.

Church of Saint Eustache

Constructed during the late gothic period, this cathedral holds its prominence due to its association with many notable people from the history. The church is said to have hosted the baptizing, marriage, and other functions of Louis XIV, Moliere, and Mozart, etc. Located in Les Halles, the church of Saint Eustache has a beautiful interior covered in shades of turquoise and gold.

Notre Dame Cathedral

One of the most visited cathedrals in Paris, the Notre Dame is an important place of worship of the Catholic faith. Located in Point Zero on Ile Saint Louis, this iconic cathedral hosts many priceless relics like the Crown of Thorns and the remains of Jesus’ cross.

La Madeleine

An impressive piece of architecture similar to the Pantheon, this church is a must-visit for art enthusiasts due to its collection of many sculptures and paintings. It also hosts classical music concerts and is located in an area of many good restaurants and shops.

Church of Saint Paul Saint Louis

A true spectacle in architecture, this church dates back to 1672 in the times of Louis XIII. With intricate details this church is a must-visit place due to its sheer magnificence, and is located in a Jewish community known locally as Le Marais.

Eglise Saint Roch

A fine example of Baroque architecture, this church was built as a sequence of chapels. The Triumphant virgin, a three-panel painting is housed in one of the chapels. Located in Rue Saint Honore, this chapel is within one block distance to the Louvre museum.