Places to Visit with Kids in your Paris Bike Tours

Louvre Museum Private Tours

Paris Bike Tours

Louvre museum private tours are not the only big deal in Paris, as there are bike tours which keep tourists on a pedestal, for a company. The Paris tour on bikes place tourists on a super ride with enchanting sights and views. While planning your visit to Paris with kids, make it a point to map out the must-see sights to visit in the City of Lights first. When your kids get older, they would be able to take a trip down the memory lane with photographs of the places visited in Paris.

The bike tours give kids an exercise while keeping them on the move at the same time much like the hop-on-hop-off tours in Paris. In fact, some bicycle tours in Paris consist of members of a family with adults and kids, but not toddlers for whom the Louvre museum private tours are safer. By staying close to each other on the way, family members could simply point to a hidden place like a garden, stop the tour, and enjoy the scenic beauty of Paris.

The bike tours cover Parisian hubs extensively on a single trip to the Versailles and the Champagne. Try bicycling through the Tuileries garden, past the Louvre, the Pompidou Centre, by the banks of Seine River, and way past Pont Neuf. The fun thing with bikes is that your Paris tour guide would ride along with you telling tales of the Wallace water fountains.

In fact, some of the tales are quite moving like the one “Sir Richard Wallace placed water fountains way back in the eighteenth century Paris and at a time when alcohol was cheaper than water.”

In case you feel thirsty with all the pedaling in Paris, take a bottle along with you to fill water from Wallace water fountains. The whistle-stop bike tour in Paris keeps everyone involved, so make sure you pack your bags and camera neatly in the bike basket.

Wear good-looking clothes and gloves since onlookers would look at you and your family from the walkways of Paris. There is the Victor Hugo mansion, which bike tours usually take, giving families and kids a place in fleeting moments and a matter of hours of fun. Visit the mansion or else ride along the streets to the Louvre and the banks of River Seine.