Private Louvre Museum Tour

Private Louvre Museum Tour

Tips for Experiencing the Louvre at its Fullest

Private Louvre Museum Tour

Louvre Museum

The Louvre, with its sheer size and impressive collection of exquisite artworks, remains the largest museum in the world. It also has the largest annual visitor turnover when compared to the other grand museums in Paris and the rest of the world. The steady stream of visitors pouring into the Louvre for acquainting themselves with the array of art and architecture testifies to its increasing favor among visitors from around the world.

Due to its immense popularity among the visitors, the Louvre is regularly crowded. This can hinder one from properly viewing the exhibits and covering the entire museum. In view of this, it is highly necessary that you formulate a plan for avoiding the crowds and enjoying the museum. Below are a few tips that will help you in experiencing the Louvre to its fullest.

Entering Through the Side Entrance

Entering the Louvre through the side entrance known as Porte des Lions is the best way to get ahead of the crowds. This will help you avoid the long lines that are common outside the museum. This entrance is unknown to many and only has a shorter queue, which will help you quickly get inside the museum. The Porte des Lions is the best way for visiting the Mona Lisa, which will quickly guide you into the room where this iconic painting is housed.

Relying on a Map

The vastness of the Louvre is a sure reminder that getting lost is relatively easy. Due to this, it is good to rely on a guide map for accurately navigating inside the museum. Free maps are provided at the entrance, which contains directions written in many languages. The maps are also designed in such a way that makes navigating much easier.

Seeing the Least Famous Attractions

The less famous attractions are worthwhile to visit because they seldom get crowded with visitors. The absence of visitors does not make them inferior though; these artifacts are all equally important and great pieces of art. The Egyptian, Roman, and Greek exhibits are a great relief from the crowds and offer the ability to contemplate them in solitude.

Seeing the Major Attractions First

It is good to know beforehand the locations of the major attractions in the Louvre. Visiting the major attractions and exhibits first is a great way to view them uninterrupted by the presence of crowds and taking photographs too.