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Paris is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. Everything from the bustling river banks of the city to the utmost charm and app of the architectural aesthetics, the unbelievable delicious dishes, a unique approach to the art, etc., tend to welcome every person in. The countless opportunities to explore history, culture, lifestyle, traditions, and art are another reason that can make anyone fall in love with the city of lights.

Needless to mention, the romantic appeal of the city tend to spruce up things. No wonder, Paris is also known as the City of Love. If you are still in wondering about the unbelievably charismatic appeal and factors that make Paris stand out from the rest, you may refer to the following points. Without any doubts, you will feel head over heels in love with Paris and you go through these points.

Appealing Bridges

Alongside the Seine River, you can see 37 unique brides that will make every viewer swoon over its beauty. Each of this bridge ranging from the oldest ones to the latest boast its own unique characteristics, style, and a prominent place in the rich history of the French capital. The oldest bridge here is the Pont Neuf, which means the new bridge. This ancient overpass is highlighted numerous faces carved with stones on both sides.

Another popular option, in this case, is the love locks bridge of Pont des Arts. This controversial bridge features the love stories of a countless number of people. It is believed that if a person hanged a lock on the sidewall of the bridge, his/her love will be sealed for eternity. The bridges here feature the cultural importance of the capital city of France as well. The luxurious Pont Alexandre III Bridge is one of the best options for this.

This majestic bridge is beautified with outstandingly amazing statues of nymphs and frames. In fact, most of these bridges play a major role in most Hollywood movies, especially in the scenes where a hero unites with or meet his significant other. After all, nothing else can offer such a romantic appeal as that of the Parisian bridges and water bodies.

Every Parisian Street is Equipped with Pharmacies and Bakeries

The best way to enjoy the charismatic and dreamy appeal of Paris is to explore it on foot. However, your legs may get sore as you are likely to hit it multiple times of the cobblestones on the streets. Similarly, you are bound to follow a rich diet when in Paris so that you have enough energy to explore the whole city. Thankfully, you can find pharmacies and bakeries at every nook and cranny of the city to cater to your needs. With these thoughtful Parisian institutions, you may hardly miss a beat in the City of Lights.

Can Get around the City without Any Hassle

Another major upside of exploring Paris is that you can get around the city without much hassle even if it is your maiden trip. This is unlikely of most other foreign destinations. Paris is indeed a bustling metropolitan city, but the area is designed in a way that people can navigate easily. All credit goes to the popular architect, Georges-Eugene Haussmann. Note that the French government gave the responsibility of reorganizing and renovating the city to this talented architect.

This huge task that began in 1853 took 17 long years to finish with perfection. As a result of the grand ordered scheme designed by Haussmann, there are 20 wonderful arrondissements in Paris and you can easily figure out in which neighborhood you are in. It is to be noted that you can find street signs at almost every area of the city along with the respective arrondissement number.

Furthermore, the transportation facilities in the French capital are incredible. Some of the best options that you may consider to get around the city easily include metro trains, Velibs or rentable bicycles, trains, RER, bus, cabs, etc. Additionally, some arrondissement in the city is relatively small and you can explore it on foot. In other districts as well, most of the popular attractions are packed closely making it a perfect option to travel around the city on foot. This will be a cost-effective option as well.

Unlimited Opportunities to Explore Arts and History

If you are an admirer of enlightening museums that flaunt the art and history of the nation, Paris is the right option for you. Here, you can find a whopping number of 153 museums to explore. All these museums will walk you through the artistic talents, history, culture, and tradition of the nation. Plus, there are many other museums that are dedicated to unique artifacts such as furniture, pesticides, architecture, etc.

Some of the most popular museums that almost every traveler tend to include in his/her itinerary include the Louvre museum, Orsay museum, Rodin museum, etc. These major landmarks are situated right in the heart of the city and hence, you will not have to travel Breadths and lengths for this. However, it will not be practical for every visitor to venture every museum in the city on their holidays. So, it is recommended to choose an option depending on your area of interest.

For instance, if you love to learn about French history, the Musee Carnavalet will be the perfect option for you. For people who are interested in arts, head on to the popular Louvre museum. In case you crave for something spooky or eerie on your Paris City tours, the Catacombs, which is a bone-cluttered tunnel in the French capital will be the best choice for you.