Stuff to Do When near the Rodin Museum

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When you ask past visitors to Paris, chances are they will name the Eiffel tower and the Louvre as their favorite places to visit after the fact. Another crowd favorite which many swear by is the Rodin museum, which is great in the way it creatively displays a number of sculptures both inside and outside the place. For the casual tourist with little to no interest in art, after checking out must-sees including “La porte des enfers”, the “Thinker”, and “The Kiss”, you are bound to wonder how to spend time doing other stuff while you are still in the area.

Go Visit the Invalides

This may well be the most underrated tribute in the whole of the city, but considering it is also among the most majestic landmarks here, you should probably seize any chance you get to visit. Constructed on orders of King Louis XIV which came down in 1670, it was meant to be a retirement home and hospital for injured war veterans, or the “invalides”. Today, the place is not only a refuge for militaries, but also serves as a military museum for the French Army, as well as housing the remains of many a war hero such as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, for one.

Walk the Embassies Area

The opposite side of the Invalides is taken up by the much nicer district of the embassies. Wander around and check out the Hotel Matignon, which is the official residence of the French Prime Minister, and whose name serves as metonym for the governmental action of the same. What you get if you venture out this way is a political tour of the city, and if you want a place to start, the outside of the Rodin Museum can be just as good as any other.

Head to Café de Flore for a Drink

After getting to Boulevard Saint Germain from the Rodin Museum, head to Café de Flore if you want to be sitting sipping something at what is among the most iconic cafes in the city. This place has had patrons including many distinguished personalities like well-known French writers, philosophers, and artists, who used it as a refuge of sorts where they could sit and let their minds wander. Having coffee here used to be a thing in this neighborhood even as far back as the 19th century.

The above are some of the best things to do after visiting the Rodin museum, whether or not you plan on cutting that visit short for some reason; these are definitely things you really must do if you happen to be staying somewhere nearby.