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There is no scarcity of bars or cafes in Paris. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you have a wide variety of bars and cafes open before you where you may grab a drink or sit and relax. It is very difficult to make a list of the top bars in the Pigalle region because all of them are excellent and have a wonderful experience to offer to anyone interested in visiting them. Pigalle appears to be a separate world in the city of Paris. This was the old red-light district in the city.

The area of Pigalle in the 18th arrondissement has served as the place where both the natives and the visitors have enjoyed life to its last level. It was the place where people let themselves loose as if they are in another world. Sex and booze defined this area of the city. However, the present situation in the area is different. Only thing is that it remains to be an ideal place to spend time wisely.

Here are some bars in the Pigalle neighborhood, which you must check when you are visiting the area during your Paris tours.

Le Chat Noir

This is one bar that has historical significance. Among the modern cabarets in Paris, this was one of the very first one. It had become the center point of attraction of many great artists around Europe. A t present, the building is a boutique hotel and each of the floors are dedicated to a particular artist. The bottom floor is where the visitors can enjoy food and drinks along with the background music.

The bar is open until late in the morning. The nightlife is very active here and is very interesting. It would be best to visit the bar on the weekends.

Le bar de Maison Souquet

This is the most classy and exquisite bar in the area. In all of Pigalle, you will not find an establishment as grand as this one. When the area was originally the red light district, it was a brothel. It was one of the very old brothels in the city of Paris. At present, there stands a five-star boutique hotel, which was built into the same building, which housed the brothel. The vintage woodworks and artworks give a special feel to the place, which is very distinct from the neighboring areas.

Les Trois Baudets

It is not a bar alone. Les Trois Baudets is, in fact, a theatre and a concert hall in the center of Pigalle. There is a bar in the compound, which attracts several people to the location. People just come here to have a drink at the bar even when they do not go for a show at the theatre. People identify the place by its vintage style and the interior works in red and black color. During the happy hour, one can get cocktails and other drinks for a cheap price. This is the perfect spot to start your night in the Pigalle region. It is situated at a walkable distance from the major attractions in the area.

Lulu White

This is a speakeasy-style bar in the main strip of Pigalle. This is a place, which recreates and takes you back to the Paris city in the 1920s. Once you enter into the bar, you will be in a completely new world, away from the outside world. it is one of the few places of this kind in Paris, where you can go back to the Paris city in the 1920s.

It is very difficult to explain the feeling in words. It is something you have to experience on your own. You will never regret visiting this bar. There is jazz music playing inside. Sometimes you may also see live jazz performances. This is the place where you can try Absinthe in Paris. The fair prices of the drinks are tempting.

Dirty Dick

This is a bar, which retained the original name it had when the place was the red light district. This was at the time, the most visited bar in the neighborhood. The present owners of the bar decided to keep the unique name of the bar intact. This has caused many controversies in the past. It has also given rise to hilarity.

There are around 50 different varieties of rum available here. The interior of the bar is designed in a Tiki style. The whole place has a unique appearance. It is unlike any other bars in the area. You can stop by here to get a refreshment or a snack during your tours in the city.

Through all its attractions, Pigalle can bring to limelight the different hidden sides of people, which even they did not know about. It is the best place for having entertainment, fun and escaping the hectic life system for some time.