Top Five Places to Enjoy Picnicking in Paris

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Paris has numerous idyllic spots where you could go on a picnic during your tours. The love for picnicking among Parisians is well known, and you could find most scenic places filled with the natives sitting or lying down in spread out sheets. There are several beautiful spots in and around Paris that you can spend your day picnicking at. Of course, you need to take all the things you need for a great picnic, such as a square sheet, packed food, wine, water and some light snacks.

Five of the top places to enjoy picnicking in Paris are described below.

Jardin du Luxembourg

There is no other place to enjoy a delightful picnicking experience than the famed Luxembourg gardens in Paris. The expansive stretch of grass is perfect for spreading out the sheets and carrying out conversations, and tasting food and wine. You could look for a shade near some trees, but the place is so busy and filled with Parisians and visitors that you may find it quite difficult to find a convenient spot.

Buttes Chaumont

The Buttes Chaumont public park located in the northeast of Paris is yet another perfect place for a picnic. The park is also quite busy, like most others, and has some ideal picnicking spots. The rolling hills and the slanted landscape are perfect to spread out your picnicking sheet, and have a great meal and conversation. Moreover, picnicking in the Buttes Chaumont gives an excellent view of Paris like none other.

Les Quais de la Seine

Picnicking while overlooking the quiet flowing Seine River is a fascinating experience, which is right what the Les Quais de la Seine offers. This place is perfect to plan your picnic, as it gives you an incredible view of the Seine. Besides, its proximity to some prominent attractions in Paris like the Notre Dame, gives you a great view while picnicking at the spot.

Places des Vosges

The Place des Vosges is one place to look for a varied picnicking experience in Paris. The place has some carefully spread out lawns that are ideal for spreading out your sheets. The majestic buildings that surround the Places des Vosges surround you with their splendid architecture. Besides, you can delight in picnicking around this oldest square while on your Paris visit.

Bois de Vincennes

Gardens are the best places to picnic in Paris, and the Bois de Vincennes is no exception. This lavish park with its four spectacular lakes offers you plenty of spaces to settle down and have a relaxing picnic. You can opt for a shade under the tree near any of the lakes, and enjoy a great picnicking experience.