Visiting the City of Lights on Budget

Private Tours Paris

Paris City Attractions

Paris offers a wide range of amusing and breathtaking sights along with many adventurous and exciting things to do. This makes the City of Lights a perfect vacation spot and no wonder that Paris holds the first position on the bucket list of almost all travelers. However, Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world and you will have to spend the lion share of your savings for visiting this dream city. Still, there are some tricks to tackle this situation.

Below are some tips that will help you to enjoy your private tours Paris without breaking the bank.

When to Travel

Even though most of the people dream of touring the City of Lights during spring and summer seasons, it is best to come here during offseason. At this time, you can beat the rocket rates of flight tickets and also you can avail cheap accommodation.

Furthermore, the place will not be crowded as usual and you will not have to wait in long lines to see the iconic structures and other attractions. If you can enjoy the cold weather in Paris, you can close the best deals of your life over here during the winter season. Just remember to carry some warm clothes with you.

How to Travel

It is impossible to get cheap flight tickets to Paris in a short period unless you are traveling from other European destinations. So, to get comparatively low ticket fares, it is crucial to plan the trip at least 8 months prior to your journey, especially when you are traveling from foreign countries. Further, compare different online sites for different ticket fares and secure the cheap one.

Once you reach Paris, the best and cheap mode of transportation is the public transportation system, especially the public bus system. For cheaper fares, you can avail bus passes too. In addition, most of the Paris buses routes through the charismatic lanes of the City of Lights that makes it one of the best options for cheap sightseeing. Further, Hop-on Hop-off bus tours, metro transportation system, and Paris ground transportation system, are some other budget options for touring the city.

Sightseeing on a Budget

Even though Paris is tagged as one of the most expensive cities, there are many convenient and free things to see and do during your private tours Paris. There are numerous accessible sightseeing options like museums, street shows, annual events, etc. On top of that, you can explore the iconic monuments like Notre Dame Cathedral, The Banks of the Seine, Sacre Coeur, etc. for free.

Additionally, you can keep a tab of the cheap and quality restaurants and shopping markets nearby your location for affordable food and shopping. Do not forget to avail discount cards like museum passes, transportation system passes, etc., to cut down your expenses intelligently.