What the Different Colors of Tour De France Jerseys Mean

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The annually conducted men’s multiple stage bicycle race, Tour de France, is principally held in and around Paris city. The race is also conducted in other nearby countries occasionally. Just like any other Grand Tours, this race also features stages that are 21 days long, over a total time period of 23 days.

You would be able to see Tour de France riders in different jersey colors. These jerseys are not just a fashion decision, but the different color of these jerseys have different meanings as well. Below is the list of Tour de France jersey colors and their symbolic meanings.

Yellow Jersey

The overall time chief of Tour de France wears the yellow jersey. This is the jersey which is most longed for among all other Tour de France jerseys. The riders are awarded with the jersey at the end of each stage of the race. The total time taken by each rider is summed up and the rider who has successfully completed the stages up to that particular point in the least amount of time is given the yellow jersey. The overall leader gets to wear the yellow jersey. He gets to wear it every day if he is still in the top place.

Green Jersey

The cyclist leading in stage points is awarded the green jersey. By the end of each stage, the riders who keep up to the top 15 are given points in terms of their position. The first rider will be awarded the most points. In addition, the amount of points given to the riders varies with the terrain of the stage. Therefore, the ones who acquire the green jersey are the top sprinters. The riders are also awarded points during the time trials and intermediate sprint contests that happen in the middle of the traditional stages.

Polka Dot and White Jersey

The best climber cyclists are awarded the polka dot Jersey. This jersey is also known as the King of the Mountains jersey. The riders who peak the climbs of the Tour de France get special points, which is determined by the category of the mountain. The riders are given more points, as the climb gets tougher.

The white jersey is given to the cyclists who are under 25 and have completed the race in the least time duration. This jersey is also similar to the yellow jersey, but it is awarded only to cyclists who are below the age of 25.