What You Have To Know Before Traveling to Paris City

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When going to a new nation, there is always the chance that you would have some culture shock. It will be helpful to keep some practical tips in mind before leaving to Paris to make sure that you will know how to respect the Parisian culture and their way of life.

Four Tips to Keep in Mind     

Do what the French people do when in Paris city and follow these tips to fit in with the Parisians like a local.

Bicycles and Electric Scooters

There are some things to know which will help keep you and your team members safe as you scoot from one place to the next on your bike trip.

You may soon see designated parking areas for electronic scooters, which could soon be mandatory (because they are already in some other cities in Europe). This is meant to keep sidewalks safe and clear for pedestrians. Meanwhile, even if you do not see a parking area, ensure to park your scooter in a proper place rather than leaving it lying in the street or on the pavement. You could be penalized for riding your scooter on sidewalks too, which could endanger pedestrians’ lives.

If you prefer a bike to a scooter, then you will be glad to know that Paris is a very bicycle-friendly place. With more than 600 kilometers of bicycle paths and a robust cycle-sharing program across most administrative districts of Paris, bike riding is an environmentally-friendly and convenient way to explore the city. There are app-based bicycle-sharing companies that do business in Paris. Besides, there are talks on how to organize bicycles when they are not in use in a better way.

In addition, even if you do not intend to use bikes or scooters, you should make it a point not to walk in the bicycle lanes.

Metro Etiquette

Whether it is a Paris private tours program or a group tour date that you plan to take, you cannot overlook the significance of the Metro. It is popular and efficient, and the Metro Line’s coverage of Paris is impressive. There are some simple etiquette which will help you to navigate it like a true local. First, it is customary to give your seat to an elderly, disabled or a pregnant person – perhaps a common sense rule for most major European Metro systems. In addition, the seats of some Paris Metro cars can be folded down or up. If you see a rather empty Metro car in a not-so-crowded station, feel free to use its fold-down seats. When the Metro car is filling up, however, you will have to stand to provide more space for people. While Paris Metros have signs that direct people to do this, those signs are easy to miss.

A Pro-Tip: you will notice some different kinds of Metro cars in Paris, as they upgrade each route to the latest cars in a gradual way. Doors of some older models do not automatically open, but you will have to flip a latch or press a button on the door as the Metro train arrives in the respective Paris station. Just watch a Parisian do it to better understand it.


Tipping etiquettes vary from one nation to the next, and France is not an exception to this. Here, we will give you a guide for when it is inappropriate and appropriate to tip in Paris city. The general tipping rules include the ones pertaining to the following.

Taxis: You do not have to leave any tip; but, if it is a longer trip, it is okay to pay the fare as a round figure.

Restaurants: While tips are not a must, if you enjoyed the food service or had a good rapport with its server, then give him or her a few Euros to show your gratitude.

Hairdresser: It is customary to give a tip of about 10% of the total amount to your hairdresser if there is no service charge added to your bill.

Guides: It is also customary to tip Paris private tours guides.

Love Locks

You have perhaps seen a photograph of the padlocks attached to some of the famous bridges in Paris. It’s said, if couples write their names upon a padlock and hangs it from a bridge; they will be destined to be together forever. Attaching padlocks to a Parisian bridge is a lovely way to show your love for Paris city, but natives see it as an act of vandalism. In the best interest of keeping Parisian bridges in a good condition and lock-free for years, we would like to recommend some other ways to express your love for it.

  • Keep your memories in Paris forever with a photo shoot with you and your lover.
  • A River Seine boat cruise with dinner.
  • A candlelight meal with the Eiffel Tower views.

So, make sure you have some basic knowledge about Paris and their culture before you leave for your Paris trip.