3 Places for Taking a Leisurely Walk in Paris

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One of the great pleasures that you could get while on a trip to Paris is taking a stroll through its bustling streets and serene public parks. There is more in Paris if you embark on a walk, which you might miss out during any of the Paris private tours. By taking a walk, you are into exploring the city and its origins in a more detailed matter than was ever possible.

Besides, it gives a wide set of possibilities to interact with the locals and even forge some friendships that will enhance your interests and make the trip memorable. The walking paths pass through many of the majestic historical places and attractions in Paris, giving you a chance to explore them in detail. Listed below are some top places for taking a leisurely walk in Paris.

Rue des Francs – Bourgeois

Probably the one place that you should definitely pay a visit is the Rue des Francs – Bourgeois. The place is a street and thereby is one of the best places to take a walk in Paris. Lined with old building and shops, this street is perfect for taking a stroll for it gives you an experience of Paris like none other.

There are plenty of shops around, so you can also buy some stuff during the walk. The famous Carnavalet museum is also situated in this street, which you must definitely check out. It is a preferred hang out place for many Parisians and is therefore crowded, which gives you a true experience of the bustling life of Paris.

Canal Saint Martin

If you are looking for a walk across the canal banks of Paris, then look no further than the Canal Saint Martin. The banks are perfect places to take a relaxed walk and its tree-lined pathways offer the right amount of shade even in the midst of summer. On the way, there are numerous cafés, which you can stop by for a drink or any refreshments and continue the walk feeling rejuvenated. The footbridge takes you from one bank to the next so you can explore both the sides of the canal.

Promenade Plantee

Another incredible walking path in Paris is the Promenade Plantee that stretches across 5 kilometers. The walking path was previously an old railway line and taking a stroll through it would be a great chance to explore some of the plush greenery prevailing there. The serenity offered while walking along this path is one of the key reasons to visit this place. Starting from the Bastille Square, the path covers the 12th district and some of the distinguishing attractions in Paris, eventually ending at the Bois de Vincennes.