A First Timer’s Guide to the French Capital

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Private Tours Paris

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Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world that you can visit at any time. In fact, every person must visit this fairyland at least once in a lifetime. The city has a number of guises such as the fashion capital, city of love, city of lights, literary paradise, etc. Additionally, the city boasts countless attractions that anyone irrespective of their field of interest can enjoy.

In simple words, the French capital has something in store for everyone; be it the architectural aesthetics, enchanting natural landscapes, scenic water bodies, remarkable museums, French food and beverages, and what not. However, this infinite number of attraction in the Paris city may make it a daunting task for the travelers, especially the first timer’s to decide on the itinerary for their private tours Paris. In order to help you out with this, below is a detailed guide to explore the French capital. This will give you a clear idea about the Parisian life, and you can ensure that you will not miss anything on your private tours Paris.

Things to Cherish When in the Capital City of France

The most attractive thing about Paris is the rhythm of seasons that offer a positive vibe to the city. The cobblestone-paved pathways will be crammed with chestnut roast shops and warm cloth stores on street corners during the winter season. Additionally, ice rinks pop up in different parts of the city at this time.

During spring and summer time, conventional dancing outdoors will get transformed to beautiful dance halls or open-air taverns. Most of the shops and restaurants in Paris will be closed at this time though, since most of the Parisians will be on their summer vacation. This will, however, make the overall ambiance of the French capital really peaceful. In September, it will be like a great festival when everyone reunites after their long holidays and every nook and cranny of the city will be crowded with locals, tourists, vendors, artists, etc.

Festivals and Events

Another highlight of Paris city is that range of festivals and events that take place here. You can expect almost all types of events here such as food festival, music festival, fashion events, dance fest, cultural events, etc. Out of these, fashion events and live music fests are the most popular ones. Two of the best options in regards to the latter include the Paris Jazz Festival and Classique Au Vert. Both of these events are usually organized at a huge forest that is located on the eastern side of Paris city, which is sure to add to the spell bounding music performance.

When you are on your private tours Paris during the summertime, do not miss the popular Fête de la Musique. At this time, you can see a number of stages set outside the bars and on the street corners all around the city. Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the fashion festivals in the city, it is better to book your seats beforehand in order to avoid last minute chaos.

Where to Shop

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You cannot resist yourself from shopping when you are in the best fashion hub of the world. You can shop at any range here since the city boasts numerous shopping opportunities that range from cheap flea markets to top-notch designer boutique. However, it is better to consider flea markets when you are on your Paris trip because you can save your shopping expense and use it for something else. Besides, there will be hardly anything, which you will not get in the vintage and antique shops at these flea markets.

Two of the best and affordable options that you may consider here include Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen and the Marché aux Puces d’Aligre. The former market is located at the northern edge of the city and there are more than 2000 vendors selling different items at this market. The latter option would be perfect if you want to purchase silverware or glassware.

Where to Eat

Paris is known for its rich culinary culture; you can relish almost very cuisine when you are in this food paradise. Similarly, you can see cheap eateries through to luxurious palatial dining here and you may choose an affordable option for you. If you are looking forward to having a meal at any of the classic bistros, the Chez Paul restaurant near Bastille will be a supreme option.

The checkered napkins, faded photographs, old red banquettes, etc., in the bistro are sure to lift up your overall culinary experience. Likewise, the creperies near the Montparnasse Tower are perfect for enjoying a budget-friendly and quick meal.

Popular Attractions to Include in your Private Tours Paris Itinerary

As mentioned, the number of attractions in Paris is really countless. However, some of the important city highlights that you may consider in order understand the real Parisian culture include Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower, Louvre museum, Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Loire Valley, Seine River Cruise, French Rivera, Provence, Champagne, French Alps, Brittany, etc.

You can just roam around the city on your own or book a Paris guided tour; either way, you will surely learn many important and interesting facts about the spectacular Paris city.