A Visit to Paris’ Vampire Museum

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Though there are so many attractions to visit in your Paris private tours, the visit to the Vampire Museum is a unique experience which you cannot have in any other part of the world. If you are fond of vampire stories and movies, this trip can be enjoyed so much.

The Vampire Museum

There is only one vampire museum in Paris and it is located near Porte des Lilas on the east of Paris. It is a private museum owned and run by Jacques Sirgent, the well-known vampire specialist in the world. Photos of vampires, mummified cats, vampire slayer kits, etc. decorate the walls of the museum. The museum is built in the esteem of the time when the vampires made their way to France from Europe. Jacques himself will guide the tour through the museum explaining to you the history of the vampires, thereby giving a new understanding to the visitor.

Jacques Sirgent has a huge collection of things related to vampires which he has collected over many years from different sources. A chat with him can help you to know the history of the vampires and their relation to human life. The museum, though it is French friendly, entertains all kinds of visitors.

Origin of Vampires

It was in the early 18th century that the belief in vampires arose in Europe. Though the root cause is unknown, it took over the European minds real fast. With time the stories and talks about the vampires increased. Slowly the vampire influence spread out of Europe into other parts of the world and thus reached France also.

Vampires in France

It was Dom Augustine Calmet, the French theologian who published his book which explained his findings on the vampires. This book gave more strength to the people to believe in the existence of vampires.

  • Nico Claux-The Vampire of Paris: He was a man who was sentenced to 12 year imprisonment after he committed a murder. He was a tomb raider and blood drinker. His painting is still displayed in the museum.
  • Morieve: He was a French nobleman who craved for bloodshed. He was later killed by someone. But soon after his burial young boys began to die in the neighborhood of his burial site. Later his tomb was opened and a white thorn was thrust into his heart.
  • Gilles de Rais: He was a French knight who later became a demon server and eventually killed many children to please the demon that he served. He was later hanged to death and the body was burnt. He became the first vampire in France.

The Vampire Museum in Paris is a must visit place for all vampire and ghost story lovers who are on private Paris tours.