Best Classic Desserts to Get in Paris

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So many things work together to shaping the history of a country or a city. France is such a country for which the desserts of the country had a wonderful part in the shaping of its history. There are so many desserts in France, which you must try eating on your Paris private tours. There are so many varieties of them that you can go for a different one every other time. Here are some of the main desserts that you can put your hands on during your Paris tours.


You can find this one across the city, kept in piles in the patisserie windows. They can undoubtedly be the most memorable dessert you can have in Paris city. They look so light and small in size, in the shape of a shell.


This one has an amazing aura to itself. The appearance of this dessert is such that you will feel like eating it fully in one go. It is a staple dish and has three layers of pastry from which the cream will surely pop out on your first bite. This one is a must eat for those who love pastries.

Tarte Tatin

There have been many dishes which were created by mistakes that happened while preparing them. Corn flakes, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies are all examples of this. Tarte Tatin was also first made by the mistimed caramelization, by two sisters who owned a hotel. It looks much like an apple pie and is prepared using many types of fruits.

Crème Brûlée

There are so many who claim for the rights of the creation of this dessert. However, it seems like it is the French who invented this dish because it is seen included in all of the French food menus.


This dessert has four toppings that represent four different monastic orders. The toppings are made of figs, raisins, almonds, and hazelnuts. In the present day, dried fruits, seeds, and peels are also used in preparing this dish.


It has its origin in the Middle Ages. They look so beautiful and come in attractive colors. They are usually made using almond powder, egg white, different types of sugars, and food colors. The Ladurée pastry shops in Paris city are well known for their macarons for around 150 years.


This is a dessert made up of soft interior made of custard and a hard exterior made of caramel. Vanilla and rum are used to flavor the dish. It can go well with tea as well as wine. People eat it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.