Best Contemporary Art Museums to Visit in Paris

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Contemporary Art Museums

Paris remains the few cities in Europe where the tradition of art exerts its strongest influence. One would say that it is a rather diminishing aspect as modernity has influenced and changed the art scene a lot today. However, this is false as the City of Lights still preserves its rich tradition of art that prevailed from the ancient times.

The art scene has witnessed great changes in Paris such as the introduction of contemporary art in the 20th century. These changes began in Paris and continue to hold its charm in the presence of numerous contemporary art galleries located around the city.

The contemporary art museums of Paris hold some of the richest collections from various international artists. Besides that, these museums are also known to host various temporary exhibitions every year across various domains of art such as painting, sculpture, photography, and film. Some of these art museums are so popular that many Paris private tours have included them in their itineraries as the must-see locations in the city. Below are some of the best contemporary art museums to visit in Paris.

Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris

Located in the 16th arrondissement, the Modern Art Museum is owned by the Paris city municipality. It has on permanent display an extensive collection of artworks from various established artists; however, the museum also hosts several temporary exhibitions every year. The Modern Art Museum of Paris is a part of Palais de Tokyo, which is another prominent art space in the city.

Le Cent-Quatre

More of a cultural center, the Le Cent Quatre is yet another top museum that displays contemporary art. Apart from its vast collection, this museum is also an important cultural center and hosts musical performances and various other activities from time to time. This museum is the latest addition to the contemporary art scene in Paris.

Maison Europeenne de la Photographie

This is another notable museum that is focused more on displaying renowned works of contemporary photography. It is an excellent place to view the works of artists well established in the genre and hosts numerous shows and retrospectives of ongoing trends and other aspects.

Palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo, which is a part of the Modern Art Museum, is the most prominent museum that highlights the contemporary and avant-garde art works in Paris. It features a large exhibition space that provides an excellent to view the artworks. Besides, the museum also has a café-restaurant that is a favorite sport of art lovers and tourists on Paris private tours.

Cartier Foundation

The Cartier Foundation is another major contemporary art museum that has made a huge contribution to the modern art scene thriving in the City of Lights. The foundation supports the works of upcoming artists and hosts various exhibitions based on different themes each year.