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Who does not get lost in the depths of cheesy, tomato and fried chicken topping of a pizza? It could also be one with thin-crusted, double cheesy and delicious, colorful vegetable topping?  You are lying if you say the thought of your favorite pizza does not make your mouth water.

There is a country that loves its pizza as much as you do. It is none other than France! They are the world’s second largest consumer of pizza. There are 13000 pizza lovers in the country, 500 pizza trucks, and automatic pizza dispensers everywhere. Do you know why they are such pizzaholics? Here are the reasons why they are what they are-

Emotional Eating

Pizza is what French people go to when they are looking for comfort from food. A study said that 8 out of 10 French people prefer pizza as their emotional food. It was also selected as the number one comfort food of French people by Harris Interactive Survey. A good number of people admitted that pizza is their guilty pleasure.


Food, generally, is not very expensive in France. It is reasonable even in the tourist capital Paris. But pizza is the cheapest of the food available. People who are looking for pocket-friendly meals will choose pizza which is both tasty and affordable.


According to the Yale Food Addiction Sale, pizza is one of the most addictive foods. All because of cheese! It is proven that once you taste it, you cannot keep your hands off it. Cheese, like other dairy products, has a protein that makes it addictive.

If you visit Paris, do try pizzas from these amazing restaurants.


A flavorsome collection of pizzas with a menu containing something for everyone. The Tartufo with truffle oil is a pizza you must try.

Louie Louie

Everyone knows that the French have the best chefs. Even though they did not invent pizzas, they have customized it with their traditional toppings skillfully. Louie Louie has top chefs who use their creativity to serve their customers.

East Mamma

Are you looking for a world-class dining experience in Paris? East Mamma has amazing chefs and ingredients that are imported directly from the farms of Italy. You can feast on wood-fired pizzas made with the utmost respect to the ancient methods.

Hire a private tour Paris guide when you visit next time to enjoy the wonderful sights and also the food. Ask your private tour guide Paris to take you to the above restaurants and lose yourself savoring the best pizzas in the world.