Best Places to Visit in Paris This Summer

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The best thing about touring Paris in the summer is the most obvious one – that you get to enjoy so much of the warm sun while outdoors. It is also the time when most tourists leave the city, leaving you plenty of space at the cafes, parks, and streets that you visit. Following is a look at some of the finer places to be in the city during the warmer months this year; make sure to make time for at least one on this list after your Paris private tours.

Champs De Mars, Celebrating “the Fête Nationale”

July the 14th is one day when all of France holds a major national celebration: that of the Bastille being taken in the French Revolution of 1789. The day marks when the Revolution began, and with it the nationwide struggle for democracy. The morning is the perfect time to visit the Champs Elysees and watch the military parade, which is on until noon. The procession starts off from the Arc de Triomphe at l’Étoile, which is where you see the main statesmen standing.

Jardin Des Tuileries, Enjoying a Fun Fair

This place is one of the bets to be in Paris after summer hits, because aside from being a totally wonderful garden to hang around in and soak in the sun, it also hosts a grand fair from June the 21st to August the 25th. It’s best for families that love the traditional atmosphere that is hard to find most places these days. The Parisian experience guarantees the whole deal, including traditional sweets like crepes, waffles, cotton candy, and much more.

Beside the Seine River, Taking in the Sights

Biking on the side of the Seine can be a truly enjoyable activity when you are in Paris. The City Hall provides the Velib’ bicycle service from which you can rent bikes; you can get a bicycle for a day or longer, with the latter costing less. Get bikes for everyone in the family or group, and ride along as you catch stunning perspectives of the landmarks you would normally take cabs to. It is a treat watching the sun set on some of them, and having a direct view of the charming colors reflecting off of the water.

Your first time in Paris, it may seem like the best thing to do is stick to the museums and art galleries and visit nothing else, but it really isn’t. The above places are central to getting a feel of the city’s culture.