Best Tips for Camping in the City of Lights

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Paris is a city that can be regarded as the epitome of beauty. This city is the ideal place for people who want to explore somewhere where talent meets beauty and serenity. Here, you can see many wondrous architectural sites like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, etc which represent the designing talents over here. Along with this, there are Luxembourg gardens, Versailles, etc which are the standing evidence of the natural beauty found in the French capital.

Enjoy the Nature

Besides the lack of expense, camping is one of the best options to walk into the soul of the city and to enjoy nature at its best. You can camp on the shores of the charismatic Seine River, or in Versailles, to enjoy the natural beauty to the core. Furthermore, cooking food by yourselves will save a good share from your overall expenses.

Choose Cheap Hotels

Most people might be wondering about the expenses of their Paris city tours. You can cut down a lion’s share by choosing the camping option in the city of lights, rather than spending hundreds at high-end hotels.

There are many affordable hotels in the city that are cheaper than the hostels, and which do not compromise on the quality and comfort. You can also go for a tent or a furnished cabin if you want to save your bucks even more. This is one of the best and cheapest ways to explore the French capital in an affordable way.

Best Camping Sites

You can live the royal way on the campsites near the Seine River. Just imagine sipping your favorite glass of wine lying on the recliner on the bank of the Seine, where you can listen to chirping birds and crickets, feel the cool breeze, enjoy the seducing dim moonlight, etc after touring the city. Even the best therapies from the world’s best spa, cannot replace this feeling and the peace of mind it offers.

Camping In the French Capital with Kids

Camping in Paris is always thrilling and exciting for young adults, retired people, and especially kids. Most kids are brought up indoors nowadays, and hence will be anxious about playing outdoors. Here, they can have the luxury of playing close to nature and to meet other kids who are equally enthusiastic and energetic. Furthermore, you will get the best bargains over here for an enlivening family camping.

Best Things to do

One of the most beautiful campsites on the Seine River is Bois de Boulogne, which spans nearly 25 acres of land. You can enjoy the scenic view of the Seine River and the charismatic Eiffel tower from this campsite.

Maison-Lafitte Campsite is the other campsite that is located on an island at the center of the Seine River, which is just 11 miles from the bustling Paris city. Here, there are many restaurants, small supermarkets, cafes, and a famous horse track. Here, you can live your life the Parisian way.