Cultural Tips to Follow in your Private Paris Tours

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Are you planning to visit Paris this Easter? There are a few cultural things that you need to follow in Paris private tours. Read below to know these

Dress Code

Like most of the Europeans, Parisians are also very polite about dressing. However, if you spot a person wearing sneakers, shorts, and money belts, you can make sure that the person is a tourist to the City of Lights.

The casual and stylish dressing of the Parisians will surprise you for sure; no wonder Paris is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world. If you are planning to visit some of the upscale restaurants of the city in your Paris tour, you may need a suit and tie.

Café Etiquette

Cafes in Paris post three tier prices for the customers. One tier is for standing at the counter, another to sit indoors, and the third one is for sitting outside. The last is the most expensive one among the three, but you may sit there as long as you like to, enjoying the beauty of the city. This is, in fact, one of the favorite pastimes of both Parisians and the tourists.


Daily life in Paris is governed by a polite formality. You may say “merci” (thank you), “bonjour” (good day), or “au revoir” (farewell) while shopping around in the city. Another tip is to address strangers as “madame” or “monsieur,” and that applies to hotel waiters as well.

Do not forget to shake hands when you are introduced to some Parisian. Another thing that Parisians do when meeting people they know is “les bises,” which is kissing on the cheeks to greet people. However, it will a bit of faux pas for you to try it on Parisians you have just met. Moreover, remember that American style hugging is considered bizarre by the Parisians.


Usually, a service charge of fifteen percent will be included at the restaurant and café tabs. Extra tips are optional, but very much appreciated as it goes directly to the waiter as a thank you gesture. Do not forget to tip taxi drivers and ushers in cinemas and theatres. In addition, it is customary to tip guides and porters.

These are some of the important cultural tips to follow in your Paris private tours. However, never assume that locals will share the things you take for granted the same way.