Few Unusually Awesome Things to Do in Paris

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Tourist Attraction In Paris

The French capital is rich in attractions, but if you want to have a different experience, read the guide below to know some fun things that you can do in Paris this year.

See the City’s Beautiful Street Art

Canal St. Martin located in the tenth arrondissement of Paris is a great spot for having a graffiti-viewing safari. There are many wonderful artistic shops, restaurants, and great graffiti, which you can enjoy throughout the area.

Learn More at the Local Classes

It must be quite interesting that there are wide ranges of learning classes in Paris. Whether it is photography, language, cooking, calligraphy, or writing, there is a lot to choose from according to your interest.

Leisurely Walk along the Viaduc Des Arts and Promenade Plantée

You can see a long and narrow stretch of flowers and trees that flourish on what was once a railway track. After enjoying this beautiful place, go to the Viaduc des Arts to explore the workshops, galleries, and cafes.

Watch the Dancing Event at the River Banks of Jardin Tino Rossi

From June 1 to August end, on every evening, many dancers assemble along the waterfront near the Institut du Monde Arabe, in the Jardin Rossi, to perform their tango, salsa, swing, and waltz.

Explore the Unusual Museums

The Museum of Comparative Anatomy and Paleontology is where you can view the 19th Century science, having rows of animal skeletons. You can also visit, Musée du Moyen Age, Musée de Quai Branly, and Musée des Arts et.

Hunt for Roman Ruins in the City

In Paris, there are a lot of timeworn traces of the ancient Roman period: baths, a coliseum, and remains of walls, carved stones, and pillars in many parts of the city. It will be a lot of fun to discover these traces in the city.

The Trendy Neighborhoods

Visit the Belleville to shop for some colorful products at this renowned flea market. Food lovers can stroll in the rue des Martyrs located in the 9th arrondissement, for tasting the delicious French food.

Have Fun at the Art and Cultural Events

Nuit Blanche is held every autumn, and it is the one night in year when museums, galleries, and other art institutions are open for a whole night and you can visit them for free.

Experience Wine at the St. Martin

If you are visiting Paris for the first time, you have yet to know about the Canal St. Martin that is a popular place with the locals. Explore the charming areas in the Canal St. Martin during your Paris walking tours.