How to Spend Two Full Days in Paris

Private Tours Paris
Private Tours Paris

Paris Sightseeing Locations

Once the tourists enter the French capital, they access tourist hubs adjacent to the downtown Paris. There are two ways to access hubs, the common one being the open bus in Paris, which takes tourists and Parisians to known places. While tourists onboard the bus, they get to listen to the French songs or the English song. The bus tickets stay valid for up to two days, and that is enough time for tourists to access the hubs at their own pace.

The other way to see tourist hubs in Paris is to try the shared bicycle rides. The bicycling amid the traffic might not be fun for some, but it offers you a great way of enjoying the views of the city. Still, some would say that tourists gets to discover the City of Lights as a whole only on private tours Paris.

Skipping the Line in Paris

In the morning, the tourists visit the Eiffel Tower, or the tombstone of Napoleon Bonaparte, or the Louvre museum that is home to the Mona Lisa. In fact, the second largest garden Palais et Jardin du Luxembourg is also accessible for the tourists in the early morning. However, if you want to access these places on your private tours Paris, you would have to learn how to skip the line.

Getting Lost in Translation

The second day is best spent at the business end of Paris, also known as the red light district. Most tourists value time so much, and picking hubs such as the Latin Quarter, and Le Marais may seem easy. Places such as the Paris Opera and the river Seine is best visited at night. However, that is the time, when the tourists tend to get lost in translation.

Watching Sport, Finding Entertainment

If your Paris tour schedule is extensive, visit the Disneyland and the Rolland Garros Stadium. Disneyland Paris is familiar to all the tourists from America, as it features some of the greatest rides in the world. You can also go to the French Open, which is starting in May and ending in June, to have an action-packed day.

The Paris Metro Station

Being a metropolitan city, the private tours Paris welcomes plenty of tourists to the exiled metro stations. In some of the metro stations, the trains are mere statues and tourists go there to enjoy the serene ambience. The metro system is somewhat complex in Paris, and without moving trains, you might even lose your way back to your hotel. Having a Paris tour guide at your side would help a lot.